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MonTI - Monographs in Translation and Interpreting

Editors rules

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Editorial guidelines for editors


The characteristics of each monograph should be described in detail and according to the following instructions, so that the Editorial Board can give its approval and provide informed suggestions. In connection with this, it would be convenient, although not necessary, to present various options and a certain degree of openness.  

When justifying the interest of the monograph, it is important to point out the differences between the prospective issue and the usual way of presenting the same matter: theoretical lacunae to be covered, difference in approach, intensity of a current debate, etc. 

The proposal may be written in Spanish, English or Catalan. 

All the items in the proposal must be clearly motivated.:

(1)    General justification (interest + aims).

(2)    Title (in English and in any of the other four languages we accept).

(3)    Editor or editors (with a short biographical sketch of the candidates, who must be doctors and have important publications on the relevant issue. The Editorial Board may cancel the requirement of a resumé if the candidate is sufficiently known).

(4)    A call for papers.

A call for papers should meet the following characteristics:

(1)    Title + Volume (year) in  MonTI 

(2)    Editor(s)

(3)    Deadlines (always before June 30 of the year prior to its publication).

(4)    The need or interest of the issue.

(5)    Aims and possible approaches.

(6)    An open list of specific subjects for the contributions.

Special issues

MonTI   also accepts proposals for special issues. If the issue is originated in a conference, the journal will only publish a selection of the best papers, and not the complete proceedings. The publication of these issues will have to comply with the usual conditions of  MonTI , especially regarding their acceptance by the Board of Editors of the journal, and the quality controls the articles must pass in order to be published. The financing conditions of this kind of issues will also have to be negotiated with their editors.