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Alfonso Jiménez

Alfonso Jiménez, Chemistry PhD (1996). Full Professor in Analytical Chemistry and Food Science and Technology in the University of Alicante (Spain) from 2001. Head of the Polymer and Nanomaterials Analysis Research Group. He currently has got four positive evaluations from the National Committee of Evaluation of the Research Activities dependent from the Spanish Government. He has participated in 49 research competitive research projects with public financing (35 of them as Principal Investigator), being the most relevant 4 consecutive projects financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (2009-2020) and four international projects under the H-2020 framework program, currently on-going from 2016 to 2022 in which he acted as Principal Investigator in two of them. In addition, he has been responsible of 267 research and innovation projects with different national and international companies.

Editor of 17 books on Polymer Degradation, Stabilization and more recently on Biodegradable and Sustainable Composites. Author or co-author of 128 research papers published in journals in Analytical Chemistry, Food Technology and Polymer Science. 93 of them are published in journals in the first quarters of the respective topics. The total number of citations is 3577, accounting for 450 citations per year in the last 5-year span and h index 34. He has been chairman in 9 international conferences including the 7 editions of the International Conference on Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers (BIOPOL). He has supervised 8 PhD thesis presentations from 2003 and he is full member of the Evaluation Commission of Professors in the Chemistry area.

The main research areas are:

  • Environmentally-friendly additives in polymers.
  • Characterization of biodegradable polymers and sustainable composites.
  • Modification of PLA for flexible films manufacturing.
  • Active packaging. Natural antioxidants for active packaging.
  • TPUs obtained from vegetable oils.
  • Protein-based formulations in active packaging.
  • Valorisation of agro-food wastes and by-products.
  • Development and validation of innovative and sustainable methods for extraction and synthesis based on microwaves.

From 2004 on he has focused his research in the developments of new formulations of biopolymers and biocomposites in applications such as food packaging. He has contributed to the development of new sustainable additives for PLA and other biopolymers in collaboration with companies in the chemical sector, in particular Condensia Química S.A. (Barcelona, Spain). He has also participated in the search for new formulations in active packaging with the use of agro-food wastes and by-products.

He maintains numerous collaborations with Spanish and International institutions. In the national field long-time collaborations with Polytechnic University of Valencia, ICTP-CSIC, University of the Basque Country (where he stayed in a sabbatical year in 2012/2013) and other relevant institutions in the field of Polymer Science and Technology. In the international area some collaborations with the University of Perugia (Italy), KTH Stockholm (Sweden), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Mons (Belgium), National University of Mar del Plata-INTEMA (Argentina) and many others should be highlighted.



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NANOBIOPOL (Research group on Polymers and Nanomaterials Analysis)

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