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Ana Cristina Mellinas Ciller


Graduated in chemistry from the University of Alicante in 2012. She obtained in 2013 a Master Quality Management, specialty in production, between the University of Valencia and University Jaume I (Castellón). From June 2013 to April 2015 she served as superior technician in the Research Group Analysis of Polymers and Nanomaterials, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Alicante.

Nowadays she is in his fourth year PhD in Experimental Sciences and Biosciences, in line research Sustainable Analytical Chemistry at the University of Alicante, within the same group. The line of research developed is based on the development of new polymer-based materials for active food packaging (antioxidant and antimicrobial) and the revalorization of agro-industrial wastes for incorporation as active agents in such materials. In addition, she is working on the synthesis of metal and metal oxides nanoparticles, using as a stabilizing and reducing agent the extracts obtained from agro-industrial waste, thus giving added value to the nanoparticles and the extract used. She has made a stay at the centre: CREA Council for Agricultural Research and Economics under the supervision of Dr. Katya Carbone for 3 months (September-December 2018). The objective of the stay was the incorporation of extracts obtained from agro-industrial waste as active agents in fruits to improve its shelf life.

As a result of this work she is author or co-author of 2 chapters of the book and 8 research papers published in journals in Chemistry and Polymer Science. Six of them is published in journals in the first quarters of the respective topics. The total number of citations is 138, accounting for 32 citations per year in the last 4-year span and h index 4



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