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Antonio Martínez Abad


I received a full degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Valencia (Spain) and joined the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology in 2008 as a lab assistant. During this period I was testing the antimicrobial efficacy of natural substances on different surfaces and incorporated into polymers. In 2009 I received a predoctoral grant to develop silver-based antimicrobial biopolymers for food packaging applications. During the PhD, I gained deep understanding of polymer science and improved my skills in microbiological assays. I was also granted a 4-month stay at Iowa state University to improve the detection skills of microbes using molecular and cytometric approaches. Parallely, I received a full degree in pharmacy (2013). I received the PhD in Food science in 2014 (international mention, extraordinary award 2015). After a 6-month contract within a EU-project exploring the potential use of industrial by-products and thermoplastics to improve biopolyesters, I joined the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). During my postdoctoral studies (2014-2017), I improved my skills on analytical chemistry and mass spectrometric tools as to develop a platform for the intramolecular glycomic profiling of polysaccharides. Paralelly, I worked within several EU and Swedish nationally funded projects on the valorization of forestry, wheat bran and mushroom wastes within an integral biorefinery concept.

Recently, I have joined the Nanobiopol Group. My research interests encompass the design, characterization and evaluation of biopolymers incorporating antimicrobial or other bioactive substances, the structural analysis of polysaccharides, and the development of extraction/characterization/analysis/evaluation approaches for valorisation of polysaccharides and functional compounds from agricultural, food or forestry residues.



Phone. +34 965903400 ext 3117/1187


NANOBIOPOL (Research group on Polymers and Nanomaterials Analysis)

Departamento de Química Analítica, Nutrición y Bromatología
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Alicante
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