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Ignacio Solaberrieta


Degree in Chemical Engineering on 2015 at the National University of Mar of the Plata, Argentina, obtaining a special mention in studies of graduate of Chemical Engineering, for the academic year 2014-2015. Between September 2012 to March 2016 he worked as a scholarship assistant in the group 'eco-materials' of the Research Institute on Science and Technology in Materials (INTEMA) of the Faculty of engineering of the National University of Mar de Plata, Argentina. There he worked on the revaluation of agro-food by-products and residues to obtain new added-value products. Specifically, his work was centred in the development of economic and environmentally friendly adhesives from soybean protein concentrate and particleboard generation from rice husk. As a result, he presented this work in 4 national and international congresses.

He is currently on going the third year of PhD in Experimental Sciences and Biosciences in the Sustainable Analytical Chemistry research line. In October 2016, he joined the Analysis of Polymers and Nanomaterials research group (NanoBioPol) at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science of the University of Alicante, Spain. His doctoral thesis is led by Prof. Alfonso Jimenez Migallón and Prof. María del Carmen Garrigós Selva and focuses on the valorisation of agro-food waste and its application in the development of innovative materials for active food packaging.

At the moment, his is doing a three-month research stay in the Department of Industrial Engineering, Materials Science and Technology and Biomaterials Lab of the Niccolò Cusano University of Rome under the supervision of Prof. Ilaria Cacciotti. The aim of this research period is to encapsulate the extracts obtained from agro-food wastes in biopolymeric matrices by electrospinning. It is expected to obtain nanofibers with antioxidant/antimicrobial activity with potential application in new innovative materials for active food packaging.

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NANOBIOPOL (Research group on Polymers and Nanomaterials Analysis)

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