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Manuel Palomar Sanz (1964)Manuel Palomar color foto pequeña

Lecturer and researcher at the University of Alicante. His line of research focuses on human language technologies and develops his teaching activity in the field of databases. He also is a Professor in the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and has been the University of Alicante President since June 2012. 

He is the the holder of a PhD degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Vice President for Research, Development & Innovation (January 2005 – April 2012). University of Alicante Interim President (March-June 2008). Director of the Department of Computer Languages and Systems (2000-2004). Deputy Director of the University of Alicante Polytechnic School (1996-1999). Chairman of the Valencian Universities Network for the promotion of R&D+i (2007-2009). Member of the Executive Board of the Scientific Societies Confederation in Spain (COSCE) since 2004. Chairman of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (1996-2006). Chairman of the Vives University Network (June 2013-January 2014). Chairman of the Valencian University Presidents Council (CRUPV) in 2013. 

His teaching activity focuses on the analysis, design, management and operation of databases, data warehouses and information systems. His line of research focuses on human language technologies, language engineering, information search and retrieval, automatic summary generation, information intelligent analysis and text mining. Author of numerous scientific papers published in international journals with impact factor such as: International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Information Processing & Management, Artificial Intelligence Review, Data & Knowledge Engineering, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Computational Linguistics, IEEE Computer and the Spanish Journal Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural

Main researcher of regional, national and European projects, the most outstanding being: “Desarrollo de Técnicas Inteligentes e Interactivas de Minería de Textos” (Development of Text Mining Intelligent and Interactive Techniques), as part of the  Valencian Government Prometheus Programme for Excellence-based Research Groups. The project “Las Tecnologías del Lenguaje Humano ante los Nuevos retos dela Comunicación digital” (Human Language Technologies before the New Challenges of Digital communication) from the Spanish National Plan and the European project "Extending the EuroWordNet With Public Sector Technology (Euroterm)".

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