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Acoustic engineers

Acoustic engineers is an Alicante company of young talents, created by emprendedores that went through the classrooms of the University of Alicante, created by Raúl Martínez Vine, graduate in Engineering in Telecommunications by the University of Alicante, and that finds in full expansion.

Raúl, ¿which is the activity of your company?
We are an office of Acoustic Engineering. The activities developed frame inside the field of the acoustics, from the design of systems of isolation and/or acoustic conditioning, going through the control of execution of works, until the realisation of essays %u201Cin situ%u201D to determine so much the values of isolation as of acoustic conditioning.

Also they realise designs of systems of sonorización electroacústicos and installation and certification of limitadores acoustic.

¿How it arose the idea?
The idea to create Acoustic Engineers is born to finals of 2006, from the experience purchased in diverse companies of the sector, where detected a need that was not covering any company in the province of Alicante.

Of concise way, and especially for the youngsters that have in mind the creation of a company, ¿how were your starts and of which way developed the idea?
The idea to create Acoustic Engineers is born to finals of 2006, as I have commented, but begins to take form during the first quarter of 2007, developing his first works and establishing the future fields of performance inside the market.

With the income generated from the first works sets up the first commercial plan, directed exclusively to the commercial activities.

With this first commercial campaign achieve attract some customers, what allows to increase the income and begin to consolidate the business initiative. With these new income poses a second commercial campaign, that consists consists in a commercial campaign through the Official School of Aparejadores and Technical Architects.

Analysing the profitability obtained of the commercial actions headed to technicians, and the failure of other more general, poses the need to realise a new commercial action directed especially to technicians.

Analysing different possibilities finally opts by the set up of a web page.

The web poses like a portal where offer the services of Acoustic Engineers and where keep informed to the customer of the novelties of the sector. This last service will serve to call the attention of the customer, and achieve that in a future go back to query the web (in definita, that look for to Acoustic Engineers). To achieve this end develops inside the web a bulletin of novelties, that updates with a twice-weekly frequency and where show news of interest related with the acoustics. The bulletin of news no only can consult through the web page, but they also can subscribe to him so that when it publish the new edition automatically will be him sent to his email.

¿How resumirías the steps that llevar to do reality this project?
The first steps consisted in purchasing, establish and develop the bases of the services that would loan to level of consulting: offers, reports, database of rule, software, teams of measurement%u2026
Simultaneously they went defining the first commercial actions directed mainly to the contracting of works to be able to go autofinanciando the company.

At present, and with which falls, ¿which is the state of health of the company?
To do us an idea, comment you that the bulletin of news sends to a stock exchange of more than 7.500 contacts.

The half number of daily visits to the web page during the 2012 has been of 120 daily visits. The taxes of growth of every year with regard to the volume of total business of the previous year, from 2009, have been always positive, witha clear tendency of growth of the company in full crisis.

During this time have achieved important commercial agreements, as for example be the official distributor for the zone of raise of the limitadores acoustic MRC Audio, and distributor in Spain of the acoustic materials of Vicoustic.

To level of customers, Acoustic Engineers has achieved to position like provider of Acoustic Engineering for a lot of companies, like Group Musgrave: (Dialprix, SuperValú, Dialsur%u2026), City council of Alphas of the Pi, Restaurants Tapelia, Caixa Galicia, Municipal Institute of Culture of Elche, Concerto Audio (shop of audio Hi-End), City council of Alicante, Group Penélope (discotheques), UTE Ecisa %u2013 Hispania of Installations, CYES%u2026

For the 2012, have reached the strategic aim to obtain the accreditation ENAC like Laboratory of Acoustic Essays (aim attained in the first quarter), and follow working to achieve put it to turn into us laboratory of reference to level of the province of Alicante.

¿To which market directs your activity, and which are your areas of business?

The services offered by Acoustic Engineers cover different economic sectors, as they are construction, edificación residential, civil work, activities, activities described, industry, environmental and acoustic acoustics of rooms.

Inside your segment, ¿could say me in that you think that differentiate your products/services of the rest of competitors?

The service that offer does not consist only in realising a measurement at the end of the work in which of by result if it fulfils or no, but we offer an integral advice in matter of acoustics, by means of an Acoustic Study (review of the project) based in norms ISO 12354, in which we analyse the solutions posed in the basic project or of execution, so that before beginning the work the customer knows if the solution projected will fulfil %u201Cin situ%u201D with the exigencias established.
In addition to the solutions of project analyse other alternative solutions, so that if by questions of cost of material, ease of execution, reduction of thicknesses%u2026interests to the customer modify the material to employ can do it with guarantees that to final of work will obtain the result wished.
Also it realises a follow-up of control of execution of the work, verifying that they do not create acoustic bridges and that all the materials adjust to the technical characteristics and of clear-cut installation in the Acoustic Study.

Returning to the way visited until arriving until here, ¿which are the difficulties to which have had to you confront along your business path? ¿How you surpassed them?
One of the main difficulties fué, and keeps on being, can arrive of the suitable form to all those potentials clienes that can need the services of an Acoustic Engineering. To surpass this difficulty allocated important resources in the promotion of the company during his launching, to the equal that continuan allocating resources continuously in new commercial campaigns, establishment of contacts%u2026.
On the other hand, satisfied goes increasing the volume of business of the company, appear new opportunities, but also new difficulties, and the gestión of the same goes complicating. To be able to give answer to these new difficulties have realised different destined courses to improve the gestión of the company.

¿What is what more you enorgullece and motivates of your activity? ¿Which have been yours greater satisfactions?

As to all emprendedor, one of the greater satisfactions is to see as it goes consolidating the business project and go reaching the aims scheduled.
And no less important is to see the satisfaction of the customer after the ending of the works, that translates no only in the return of the customer for future projects, but also in recommendations of this to third people so that they also collaborate with us in his projects.

¿How you see you inside five years?
Ours put is to turn us into the company provider of services of Acoustics more competitive and productive of Spain. Our competitions in editorial of projects, essays and certification are continuously revised and improved to be the leaders in our sector. The markets in which we move us will be determined by our capacity to be the most competitive and to offer a global and only service to our customers.

The main purposes of the Acoustic Engineers base in reaching a quota of the market of the 20 %, and have in 5 years of 2 delegations delivered in Alicante and Murcia.

And, to finish with a council of face to our youngsters emprendedores, ¿which think that is the secret to direct the company to the success?

Know detect the needs of the customer and offer him the best solution (that it does not have by that be the most economic, neither the most advanced technically, neither the more%u2026%u2026) simply has to be the best for him.

But all this results unfeasible without putting illusion in the project. The other learns : capacity of gestión, planning, development tecnico, commercial development%u2026.

Raúl Martínez Vine is CEO of Acoustic Engineers.

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