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Interview with Luis Villanueva

Following the successive and successful iDays, organized by the Youth Department of the City Council of Alicante together the Observatory of labor insertion of the AU, we decided to squeeze a little more to his promoter, the entrepreneur Alicante Luis M. Villanueva, and a brief interview that concentrate the keys to Marketing Online.

Luis M Villanueva

Luis M. Villanueva is promoter of iDay and Internet 3.0, SEO consultant and expert in Marketing Online. Professor and regular lecturer.
In addition, winner of the last international competition of international SEOVeinte.

Important think you have Marketing Online today day?

All. I do not understand a Business Online without a Marketing Digital strategy. It is the basis of any digital project. It is no good having the best product if no one knows it.

Where do you think to fail companies today when launching a Business Online?

The biggest problem that I find often that entrepreneurs use 90% of its budget on the design and programming of its Online platform. This is a serious mistake. In my opinion we must always allocate 20% for the design in an online project and programming platform and 80% for Marketing Online techniques, be it SEO, PPC, advertising on social networks, Email Marketing, etc.

Is it true that one of the best ways to attract traffic and sales is SEO?

Completely. And as says, one of the best, one of many. If you can make a good strategy SEO will have much cattle in your niche and get to increase your traffic.

Did you learn a lot in this type of competition SEO?

If I am honest, before I slip into this mess, I thought that not and that it was a waste of time. Now that I'm really full, I've noticed that it is one of the best ways to learn. Okay one makes of his experiments and tests on their own, but until you do not participate in a competition of this type, do not you realize real competition which would have a strong project.

Finally Luis, a Council to attract more traffic to our website?

Read, read, read and experiment, test and retest. In other words, work and perseverance. Marketing Online there is no magic, just great results of great professionals who are leaving the skin every day in every action.

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