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Interview with Enrique Martínez, graduate of the UA and currently director of OptySun optics.

Henry, do you how define professionally?

That difficult put it me, is how when I encourage my students of ethics to write your first resume. Let's see, I think that I try to constantly move forward, I think that I have not yet come to my level of incompetence, as I said the book of "Peter" by what still taking on new challenges in the areas in which I move. Optometry, advertising and public relations. I like the research and I move with some ease in the scientific fields.

How do you think that they define you, professionally, others? are reason?

Yet you put it me harder, it would be interesting to hire a companion to you analyse this aspect that ask me to me. Not what, I hope so, or perception that have of me, exceeds that I have of myself.

In any case, I think the line that defines me as a professional is that unifies the health and communication aspects.

Tell us, please, what has been your career?

I am the ninth son of parents who you have given everything for us. My father became Commander of the air force. When he was five children he studied two runs at night, Professor of physical education (INEF) and technical health Assistant (ATS) branch of podiatry. They could thus provide career all his children. I have five sisters and three brothers. One of them, the biggest, died a few years ago.

I tell you this so that the reader can understand that in my house we have always had study environment. I think I'm one of the few of my generation who can recite the list of the Kings of Goths or run spelling rules. I've heard it so often and for so many years...

I wanted to be military, as my father, my uncle, as my grandfather... but look for where, having to wear glasses, did not allow me entry to the General Academy, so I decided to study forestry technical engineering. I attended the first course and given that at that time was very obedient, did case to my sister "Lines" (Angels) and enrolled in the school of optics of the Complutense University. There I made good friends. It is curious to know that many of this promotion now positions teaching in different schools of optics and optometry. I finished the race and I continued training, thanks to that decision and after a couple of years, managed to overcome my first opposition and went to form part of the Faculty of the school of optics of the University of Alicante as associate professor. Years passed and after overcoming various oppositions, got the square civil servant of the State, as a Professor of the College.

In these years, I have made numerous communications in national and international congresses articles in industry journals and I have participated as a collaborator or investigator in research without grant or subsidized by companies external to the University.

How much/how has evolved the eye surgery in Spain? How does these advances affect people?

It has both evolved as politician José Blanco was operated from myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, and "look" by where it still with glasses in the media.

So if I can tell you is that our inquiry, all too often, seems "Lourdes", all cases that come in search of solutions, in some cases impossible after the surgery. Some come after eleven work carried out.

What progress has been made with respect to the recovery of sight in blind people? Spain research is being carried out in this respect?

It would be very extensive comment on each and every one of the progress in this regard, if I sign up a Spanish research on cultivation of corneal and microchips inserted in certain areas of the optical path and provide stimulus of "pseudovision".

The Spanish University is prepared for the 2.0 world?

Emphatically not. But with one caveat. I understand that all we are learning. All this 2.0. and next already 3.0. advances at a speed uniformly accelerated, so what's it worth today, tomorrow remains scarce.

Universities, from my point of view, have the obligation to respond to the demands and needs of society. They have the knowledge and manage it, what should advance, at a minimum, parallel to the progress that drives this new world participatory and communicative.

You remember the contents of the first e-mail sent, or sent who...?

Yes, I remember that you connected me to the University of Alicante remotely from home, dialing a phone number. It was a provincial call, much "pasta" to do it on many occasions.

My first email was the Professor of the University of Alicante Doctor D. Felipe Mateos. I think that at the University we had only e-mail address of the DPC (data processing center) and fifty more.

How have the technological advances in your career influenced?

Maybe not you can not imagine it. It all started when I did my teaching project for the opposition official. All previous projects were made with a typewriter. I've invested amounts exorbitant today in a computer, a printer and a scanner. I learned to hit of errors, but I managed to create my six copies of five hundred pages each and full color...

Now, we are still same, learning to base investigate, ascertain, commit errors, etc.

How have advances in technology affected your professional last year?

Then, as you said before, appear, when you think that you know everything, new advances that you "all messed up" again. You have no more "noses" that look again, learn again and try again.

The advantage? Precisely that everything is new continuously and that "cool" neurons.

Can give an advice to your students of recursively? Would advice not give them never?

"The day that you believe that you know everything, you will enter the realm of the mediocre"

What you would recommend to people that they are currently seeking your first job?

I recommend, as things stand, and provided dismiss the training: "invest hours of your pocket to propose actions to your potential customers". "Bringing things done. With enough intelligence to that without you, not possible your project"

Goodbye as your choice of us.

Dear reader, I am what you read, there is no trap or carton. My decisions are based on the preliminary investigation, during and after the work done. I've done part of some personal elements that define the way to manage my work. Here you have the possibility, yours is the power of decision.

It receives a very warm greeting.

L Enrique Martínez

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