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First steps to employment

We present Four steps that we believe necessary to know before you jump to seek employment.


First of all... You've changed its attitude?

The new model of labor market needs to change your attitude, you're brave that you try to move you participating and organizing activitiesand acquire knowledge in new skills, better languages and open options beyond your neighborhood and your city.

The European area of higher education implies that the last educational frontier has fallen. Europe is closer to home than you think, so if before one was raised to go to work in another city in Spain now you will have to consider go to work to another city in Europe.

It is what we call internationalization, on the free movement of candidates and employers through the continent.

Starting with this change of attitude, have already given the Primer Paso.

From graduate to professional

A graduate or entitled person can you consider with your title under his arm. That is fine and will surely make you feel proud and proud of your work.

But the employer it will not tell you anything. If something goes missing in the market they are graduates.

What they really require employers? Professionals.
And this change should be your second step.

Mentalizing you to leave behind the University, books and tutorials, and jump head into the world of professional activities, Exchange forums, interviews, projects and analysis of attitudes. Become a proactive person.

With the passage of graduate professional you put at the head of all those who are still looking for employment feel still "students".

From the University Observatory of labour inclusion of the University of Alicante we offer you a wide range of units and public institutions to be able to go , as well as some practical advice in the area of employment resources.

Professional itinerary

We're going for parties, as you would Jack the Ripper.. .and for the third step.

First of all, have more success the planned job search processes. Experience dictates little serving throwing resumes at the discretion or show a multi-profile "person for everything". Especially with the current situation, where the employer is looking for conscientious professional that best service can provide.

For this reason we encourage you marques a Career goal. That is, define what you want to work. In this way you can channel your effort best, set your credentials presentation and time to participate in activities that will help you achieve your target.

This career goal determined by the current analysis of the situation of the labour market, the sector or sectors who want to go, and a reflection on your experience and knowledge, experiences, skills, attitudes and interests that you think you have. I.e., it will require a previous work to Autoconocerte .

This self-knowledge as well as determine your career goal will help you to identify your strengths and less strong in the face to a selection process better.

Finally, touch plan and organize the search.

This search shall be taken into account:

  • What information is needed
  • Where you can get
  • How will be organized *

    * Use your own methods of organization, such as tabs, excel sheets... Do not forget that information is power.

Fitness for the offered position

And we got to the Fourth step.

We must reflect on the training and/or professional experience we need for the job that we choose, and see what we need to achieve it.

Steps in the process :

  1. Collect everything you can offer as a person, your training or your experience.

  2. It examines the professional profiles required for the chosen profession.

  3. It identifies skills you must acquire to insert yourself into your career goal.

To plan your itinerary and to compare it, you can count on us, as well as participate in activities where you go to meet people who are working in the same field to which you aspire.

You must remember to check it all with your personal characteristics.

And, remember, there are no bad candidates, but no right to the job candidates.



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