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Overcome job interview

Interview of selection of personnel is the main technique used in selection processes for employers. It is the workhorse of discarded aspirants and the first face to face.

Remember: in an interview first impression may be the last.

Háblame de ti

In most cases, it will be the first thing that you ask. Practice at home to summarize the highlights of your training and previous experience.

Hobbies, volunteering, associationism, that certain skills may be drawn... also enter. You not only centres for those paid experiences.

Always fit this narrative with the post to which you are aiming.

General tips

Before the interview

At the same time that you respond to an offer of selection, you must be alert. Any missed call can mean a missed opportunity.

At the time that you call and you cited, if that day is not going well and is impossible to change the other commitment, let know without problems. If it happens that you match the interview elsewhere we recommend that you do not reveal it. Nothing discourages more to an employer that an aspirant pecking.

Research about the company. Do not go to the wild. Spend ahead, look at the type of outfit of employees and make Internet use to meet their political philosophies,... in order to try to fit into the company's corporate style.

Reviewed the curriculum to imply you did you get. It is shocking the interviewer to ask for something that assumes that you have made and do not remember it.

Always attends about 15 minutes before, as little. Nothing stressed more than not find parking at the last moment or be late for any reason. If you then get to expect and it is thing of the company. On your part must meet the schedule to strictly.

Get a copy of the same resume that you gave to the company that has called you. Enclosed in a folder more important documents that support it, but do not show them if not ask them.

During the interview

It recalls the importance of a correct handshake. The interviewer is going to be analyzing your Non-Verbal communication at all times. Keep an eye on the movements of your body.

If you're in an armchair and you sink, sit near edge to minimize the effect of the cushions.

Keep your back straight. Not crossing arms and lean slightly forward. Avoid touch your face or neck during the interview. If the arm is going in that direction reacts and get it back.

Stores the name of the interviewer. As Daniel Carnegie, a person's name is the sweetest sound that can be heard.

Wait for it to tell you where to sit. Not give things of course, and remember that you are in foreign territory, by which all the rules of courtesy apply. If it bothers you the site do know but do not start to move from one side to another Chair.

Listen carefully to the questions. If you are unsure of what wanted you to say do not respond. He asks if they can be a little more detailed you question, with education.

Avoid the monosyllables and argues what you say. Remember that the interviewer does not know you, has no idea of how good you are and will not know your motivations or achievements if you don't care of tell them.

Although drawer is many people do not realize and used colloquial language. Don't forget that you are a professional. Leave aside your Bachelor's degree and the "good vibes".

Do not speak ill of others. No interviewer will accept an employee who put him back and a half if he leaves the company. If you had bad experiences argue it calmly and without going into details.

If you ask about what you think win responds that depending on the current state of the market. Your interest is to learn with the company, not to squeeze it to make you a wealthy person. Yes you may ask for the salary. The famous taboo is not depending on the context and how I say things. Leave the subject only to the end, to margin the interviewer to the issue.

Thanks for the meeting before you leave and don't forget to ask, without anxiety, When you know the result of the interview.

After the interview

Nothing saturated more than a candidate or sending e-mails to find out if it has been accepted. Serious companies will contact you to give you the answer.

If not thanks for the call and show yourself as a courteous person. A negative now does not imply a negative in the future. Your profile will be recorded and, if fit with another post, there are possibilities for you call. Hang or be irascible is closing a door directly.

If the answer is Yes we recommend that anything more hanging, you pass by here to make toast on your success. Congratulations!

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