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Tips for an effective Networking

Insurance on more than one occasion you have come from one of many meetings thinking that you could have done much more...

Take advantage of any professional meeting is much easier than you might think if you consider that everyone comes to know and be known.

Networkingprofessionals, as these meetings, come calling practice of automatically following habits. A self-starter in its first steps will get increasing accomplishments Recalling review prior to each meeting this simple guide easy to apply to any personal or professional environment.

Before the event

-Check thoroughly the activities programme so not you escape any conference or activity which then repent. Recognizes.

-Browse the network for information speakers above, models and processes that have been proven to you interesting program. Investigates.

-Prepare how you will introduce yourself and what words, concepts... will stand out when you cramped hand.Analyze yourself.

During the event

-Do not stay all the time with the same person. Your time is money, for both. Don't let not anyone you monopolize. Energize you.

-Pay attention to personal names, companies and brands. If card does not give you, make a note of it on the mobile. Remembers.

-Don't be shy. He thinks that everyone will do the same. Networking is a salute, present...There is normal. Launch yourself.

-Everyone is accessible. There are equal when it comes to greet a Minister or a co-worker of career in Networking. Take advantage of.

-Leave the ego at home. You've come to learn and exploit synergies for your projects. Listen to.

After the event

-Answers as soon as possible by e-mail to your new contacts, thanking the sustained conversation. Create network.

-Where the event is professional or social networks, your positive impressions he says openly. Fumble.

-It analyzes the points weak and strong greetings, presentations, discussions, and activities where you have participated. Evaluates.

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