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III Desata tu Potencial en la UA

In this seminar are systematized deft and witty way the latest findings of positive psychology and techniques of maximum performance, aiming to show the paths that can lead us to improve the quality of our lives

Change your life. Unleash your potential is a practical and complete system of skills, techniques and strategies which science and practice have proven as the most effective to increase your level of happiness, improving your quality of life, personal and professional.

A revolution is both a break and a proposal, a destruction and a work, an end point and a new road.

An "inner revolution" demands that you break with some of your habits, you deshagas some of your thoughts, which eliminate many of your convictions or knock your limitations.

"Unleashed" can have the vision of a dreamer, the passion of a lover, the courage of the fearless or the intelligence of the architect.

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  • Date 23-24 of January
  • Place University of Alicante. Salón de Grados dormitory
  • Schedules Friday from 16:00 to 23:30 h and Saturday from 09:30 to 20:30 h
  • Price %u20AC75 - 100% possibility for workers and 100% free Bonificable for businesses, through appropriations for training through the system of bonuses of the tripartite Foundation. Only for attendees who are self-employed outside. Rate to be applied in this case %u20AC115,00



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