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Mooqia es el proyecto ganador de la V edición de Yuzz en Alicante


Mooqia, the platform to develop training given by professionals of the company and a new door for recruitment and recruitment of talent, has been the winning project of the 5th Edition of Yuzz in Alicante. The Mooquia team is made up of David Moreau and Francisco Moreno, students of the University of Alicante

Second prize was for David Benavemente for its project Oiko, that selects components for systems of automation at affordable prices, in the face to everyone, especially to people with diversity. This second prize consists of the complete record of the brand of the project.

Yuzz initiative is a program for the promotion of young talent and entrepreneurial spirit, organised by Centre International Santander entrepreneurship, and coordinated in Alicante by the Observatory of labour inclusion of the University of Alicante.

For six months, entrepreneurs have had support, training and mentoring to develop business plans based on their ideas of technological base, headquarters Yuzz of Alicante, located in the University residence Europe House. Also has the collaboration of the centers of innovative European companies of Alcoy and Elche, Fundeun, Promotes Alicante and the General the UA Foundation.

As part of the first prize, one of the members of the team will make a trip to Silicon Valley, the global Mecca for innovation in the field of new technologies, where together winners from the rest of Spain, is designed to give you access to forums financing, advice on internationalization and investor contact. In addition, the three best projects from across the country will receive a cash prize to help them start their business: %u20AC30,000 for the first prize, %u20AC20,000 for second and %u20AC10,000 for the third.

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