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I SAW edition Yuzz Alicante

It starts in the University of Alicante SAW it edition of Yuzz Alicante.

From his start in March of 2011, Yuzz Alicante has consolidated like one of the editions that more has gone developing of the present by all Spain, expanding his trainings, joining new partners and collaborators to the team and giving to light companies of the size of the successful Hawkers or Disabled Park, between others.

Nuria Grané, Vice-chancellor of Students, went the attendant to welcome the veintena of participants that engloban the 14 teams of work. Each one of these teams, selected from among all the postulantes, has presented with an innovative project with a high digital component put that one of the keys of Yuzz is precisely the technological application to the company.

From among the new projects participants stand out some related with the sport and the health, the urban sustainability, the promotion of the local tourism or the support to the disability.

During the six months of training in Yuzz each team will have the possibility to transform his project in a project empresarialmente viable and even in the creation of a company. They will receive training of experts in all the necessary areas, will share experiences with previous yuzzers and will have to his disposal the resources of space and technological of the centre Yuzz of Alicante, situated in the centre of coworking of the residence of students Europe House.

Yuzz Alicante is coordinated by the Observatory of Labour Insertion of the University of Alicante and has the collaboration of Europe House, the Agency of Local Development of Alicante, the General Foundation of the UA, the CEEI of Alcoy and Elche, and Fundeun.

I SAW Edition Yuzz Alicante 2I SAW Edition Yuzz Alicante

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