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Jornada Comunicación No Verbal "Tu Trabajo Ideal"

%u201CSo much to find your Ideal Work, as for any relation, owe to know to your interlocutor, know how is, as it processes the information, identifying as it finds with you and knowing arrive to him%u201D.

The words only represent 7% of the communication. The good interaction is fundamental piece in the research of employment, in the processes of selection, presentation of projects and social relations.

In this free session enters , like novelty, the Morfopsicología.

The morfopsicología allows to hint and identify what moves to each person, his conditionings, shots of personality and limitations. It is an interesting psychological tool and of professional application that, very worked, allows to the interlocutor a greater control of the negotiation, conversation or seduction.

  • Descifrar The No Verbal Communication that employ of form no conscious
  • Detect the incongruences in the behaviour
  • Identify discomfort, worry or level of decision of the interlocutor
  • Develop the capacity to seduce.

l Course will be given by Javier Torregrosa Vicedo and Nacho Cobaleda, international experts and professional advisers in Communication No Verbal for Bodies and Security forces of the State, private companies and organisations. At present they develop also a Máster in the Foundation University-Company of the University of Alicante.

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