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Programa de atracción y desarrollo de talento joven "Choices and Steps"

Huawei Spain, in collaboration with the Foundation University Company, presents his new program of attraction and development of young talent %u2018Choices and Steps', an initiative whose aims are to boost the capacities of the youngsters that show an attitude and differential effort and be a quarry of talent for the company.

In this sense, in the frame of this program, along the school course, Huawei Spain will summon 40 squares of practices for university students to fault of the TFG and recently titled in Degree in Technologies of Telecommunication, Degree in Engineering in Systems of Telecommunication, Degree in Engineering in Computing, Degree in Marketing and Commercial Direction, Máster in Engineering of Telecommunication and Máster in Marketing. The necessary qualities to opt to the practical are passion by the technology, flexibility capacity to work in team, capacity of communication and level of English B2.

Like part of this offer, Huawei Spain has opened today the term of presentation of applications to participate in the project %u2018Choices and Steps' and opt to any of the first 10 squares summoned for recently titled in Telecommunications, Computer and Marketing, that will expand until 40 along the school course.

The practices, that will begin from November, have a length of a year and are remuneradas with 1.200 monthly euros. Besides they include a training of the program Optimus Executive %u2018Professional Qualification for University' with a title typical of Postgrado of the University Francisco of Vitoria.

The practices will develop to complete day and the candidates selected will receive a help to the study of 1.000%u20AC/month + 200%u20AC/month in ticket of food, with the possibility to incorporate later to the company.

The interested in opting by one of the squares summoned will have to register in Talentoteca before the next 15 November.

To request interviews and/or more information:

Luisa Sousa | | 91 548 9976
David Sobral | | 91 548 9976

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