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Seduce Comunicando: La verdad tras las palabras

II Conference of seduction, non-verbal communication and sinergologia
Thursday, 12 February, at the University of Alicante.
15:00 to 20:30 hours.

The words account for only 7% of communication.

The good interaction is fundamental piece in the search for employment, in the processes of selection, presentation of projects and social relations.

In 2014, we celebrate the 1st Conference on the UA, focused on basic principles and personal seduction. Now, starting 2015 we are presenting this day II of Sinergologia and microexpressions, focus, in addition to above, in leadership, negotiation, Persuasion, scientific and, as no, personal seduction.

-Decode non-Verbal communication that we use do not consciously
-Detect inconsistencies in behavior
-Identify discomfort, worry, or decision of the partner level
-Develop the capacity to seduce.

  • Program

Hall of the lecture building II. University of Alicante
How to get there. Building 30

-14:30 pm. reception of attendees.
-15:00 h. inauguration of the day.
-15:10 h. communicates effectively. Introduction to the Sinergologia. Self-communication, emotion and conviction. Leadership.
-17:00 h. break.
-17:20 h. scientific non-Verbal communication. The truth, real emotion, control and memory.
-19:00 h. break.
-19:20 h. scientific Persuasion in negotiating. Application in professional and personal relationships. Develop your capacity of seduction.
The CNV applied to interpersonal relationships. How does the CNV in men and women at the time of display or arouse interest in the opposite sex.
-20:30 h....
...Applying what has been learned... Grand surprise Final off-Campus!

  • Faculty and enrollment

The course will be taught by Javier Torregrosa Vicedo and Nacho Cobaleda, international experts and professional advisers in non-Verbal communication for bodies and security forces of the State, private companies and organizations.

The rights of access to the course are 20 euros for members of the University community accredited with TIU, (students, alumni, PAS and PDI) and 35 euros for professionals and other interested people.

- First, to register from this link.

- Second, pay the rights from this other link.


So if your professional negotiation and strategy development, or your job search you need to understand the CNV of your partner, or if you simply want to know the secrets of seduction, you have the chance of squeezing all this knowledge in a intense late.

No matter what are your studies, know what want us to say is a fundamental tool in everyday life.

The Arab proverb "who do not understand a look does not mean a long explanation" is based in which the words account for only 7% of communication, making it crucial to the correct interpretation of body language, knowing what we mean by the face, hands, gestures and body.

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