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V edición de los Premios Impulso para iniciativas empresariales innovadoras y sostenibles

In the frame of the institutional program ua:it undertakes, the University of Alicante (UA) and the Foundation Scientific Park of Alicante of the Comunitat Valencian (FPCA) summon the V Edition of the Prizes Promote, a clear bet by the innovation and the transfer of knowledge to the society.

Like this, with the object to boost the spirit emprendedor and promote the creation of companies, this announcement will concede more than 12.000 euros in prizes to the business initiatives more innovative and sustainable arisen of the university community. The term of presentation of applications will remain opened of the 1 to 16 May of the 2016.

In concrete, this edition of the Prizes Promote collects two categories of participation. The first, modality To, is headed to business ideas promoted by educational personnel and researcher (PDI), doctors and doctors or students of doctorate whose object was the commercial exploitation of results of investigation of the University of Alicante. Besides, these projects will have to have some characteristic such that allow his approval like Company of Technological Base of the UA. On the other hand, the modality B, heads to business initiatives that split of the own students or titled and titled of the UA.

Workshops ua:it undertakes lab

Like requirement, the interested in participating in the modality B of the Prizes Promote will have to assist to 50% of the sessions programmed inside the formative itinerary ua:it undertakes lab. These workshops, that start the next month of February, will help to consolidate the idea of business of the candidates and candidates and to elaborate the documentation required in this fifth edition.

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