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7 Claves para emprender con éxito

The next 28 February 2017 of 17:30 to 19:30, in the Living room of Degrees of the Faculty of Economic, will llevar the session 7 Keys to undertake successfully.

80% of the failures in the businesses, produces because the owner did not identify his weaknesses to time and did not look for help. Prepare you so that your business project was a reality and consolidate in the market. In this Master Class will learn the keys to be an Emprendedor of success, multiply your income and reach the lifestyle that want for you and your family.

You will discover:

  • How do viable your business
  • Tools that will allow you think like a global employer
  • How fix your objective/forecasts of sales
  • How check that you are fulfilling objective
  • When take corrector actions and which.
  • 10 easy Steps to convert a dream in one put
  • Which is the reason by which abandon your put.
  • Councils to do reality your put and your business project.

The session will be developed by Mariló Sánchez, Employer, Mentor of Emprendedores, Founder Campus-Emprendedores. Mariló Is Economist, MBA, Master Direction Marketing and Master in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, Expert in PNL, Leadership and Formadora. Expert in International Trade and developments of models of Expansion and Franchises.


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