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Factoría de desarrollo | 3ª Edición

  • ¿What is?

Factory of Development is a complementary program to your academic training that realises of individual and personalised form. Through this program will be able to form part of a process of improvement of your personal and interpersonal competitions, that will allow you establish the bases and obtain tools for your academic and professional future.

In Factory of Development go to work in identifying, define and concretise with clarity your aims and put during the university stage, in addition to deepening on your fortresses and areas of improvement. You will establish where you are, to where want to direct you and you will define how you go to do it, assuming the responsibility of your own decisions.

Besides with this work go to identify your values, your personal vision, your public image and how improve your emotional intelligence, appearances that go you to help to increase your skills and to decide in what new competitions need to work to obtain better results.

  • ¿Who can participate in Factory of Development?

During the second edition of the program will link to the process a total of cinquenta students of the University of Alicante.

  • ¿How it goes to select to the/ace participants?

The selection of participants will realise in order of registration, besides, will be necessary to fill a questionnaire on the interests and interest to participate in the program. Subsequently it will llevar a personal interview of motivation. From the information recopilada with these tools will obtain the definite listing of selected/ace.

All the information obtained so much in the application as in the back processes will have confidential character; this confidentiality will remain established by means of the signature of a specific agreement.

  • ¿How it will develop the program?

It will divide in three phases that will llevar along six months:

  • PHASE 1 - Identification of the starting point and definition of aims.
  • PHASE 2 - Determination of the Plan of Action.
  • PHASE 3 - Follow-up of the evolution and definition of milestones on the Plan of Action in base to his development.

During this time, and roughly each 20 days, will realise face-to-face and individual sessions of an hour and average with each one/to of the participants to work the development and follow-up of the process of improvement. Between the face-to-face sessions will keep contact by email to review the actions llevar.


  • Terms
    • Period of registration: Of 15 September to 15 October.
    • Interviews: they will be realised during the second fortnight of October.
    • Development of the program: From principles of the month of November until finals of the month of May.
  • ¿Who will accompany you during all the program?
    • Laura Sánchez

Civil servant of the University of Alicante, with experience in places of direction, gestión of teams and gestión of projects. Coach Prof. Senior AECOP. CS 137 (more than 1200 hours in processes of coaching executive), Máster-Practitioner PNL. Training in Emotional Intelligence, Reuven Baron and Neuroemoción, Marta Ligioiz. Coach Executive and Formadora in coaching of teams (University of Alicante, Schools of businesses, companies, schools). Member of the Spanish Association of Coaching Executive (AECOP) Raise.

Current place: Managing Boss and Coach executive in the Service of Prevention of the University of Alicante. Professor Collaborator Honorífica of the Dpto. Of Sociology I of the University of Alicante. Director of the project Develop strategic and personal leadership-professional of students in the University of Alicante.

Member of the network of investigation in university teaching: Learn and undertake. Actions of promotion and development of academic competitions, professional and personal between students of Sociology. Other busy places, previously: Manager of the Digital Workshop of the Or.To., Manager of the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes, Boss of Cabinet of the Rector of the University of Alicante.

    • Cristina Fernández

Coach Executive and strategic certified by AECOP CP 109, in process of certification like senior. Register of Fundesem CEF: 8. Máster Practitioner In PNL. His experience like coach has purchased it in individual processes and of team, with emprendedores, unemployed and educational personnel. It belongs to the branch solidaria of AECOP.

In the actuality, collaborates, like coach in Aquora Business Education and in the University of Alicante, inside the project Networks of Investigation.

It has been member of the executive committee of the Club of Coaching Fundesem and coordinator of the Forum of Coaching Fundesem from his start until July of 2014. Also it has collaborated like tutor and coach of the Máster of Human Resources of Fundesem, until this date.

Co-Author of the book "Coaching in action: The box of tools of the coach, edited by Wolters Kluver - Fundesem.

His labour experience wider and significant has developed it like director of Human Resources and member of the Council of Direction of the Freezing group Alicante until his retirement in 2012.

It is Master, Technician of Tourist Companies, graduate in Right, Máster in Direction of Human Resources, Coach Executive and is in continuous learning.

    • Isabel Verdejo

Employee of banking during 25 years

In the year 2010 effected a first cycle of %u201CCoaching Executive%u201D developed jointly by Fundesem and the European School of Coaching.

Later, in June of 2011, finished to form in this speciality in Fundesem Business School, effecting the upper course developed by Key Executive and Eurotalent. Thus it obtained the title of %u201CUpper Course in Coaching Executive%u201D with a total length of 190 hours lectivas and having effected 40 hours of processes in practice.

A year afterwards, June of 2012, assisted to the first promotion realised in Fundesem of the Practitioner in Programming Neurolinguistica (PNL) given by the School Increscendo .

In December of 2014 obtained in Valencia, with Alain Manzano and endorsed by the Spanish Association of Programming Neurolingüística, the certificate of %u201CMaster Practitioner in PNL%u201D. In this speciality effected a total of 180 hours lectivas.

At present it finds in practices effecting processes of %u201CLife Coaching%u201D

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