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Oportunidades de Empleo en el sector del derecho de los negocios

The next 10 April 11:00 to 12:00, in the Room Ernest Lluch of the Faculty of Economic of the University of Alicante, will llevar the day "Opportunities of Employment in the sector of the right of the businesses" in collaboration with Noguerol Pleaded.

Program of the day.

  1. The sector of the Law Business today
  2. Evolution of the Legal Sector
  3. Models Disruptivos in the Legal Sector
  4. Legal Startups
  5. Typology of Dispatches in Spain
  6. Advantages and Disadvantages according to the Size of the Dispatch
  7. New Exigencias of the Market
  8. Generation Z and his Values
  9. New Paradigms in the processes of recruitment
  10. Legal Traditional + dispatch Startup

The day will be given by Carlos Noguerol and Antonio Revaliente.

Carlos Noguerol is Ldo. In Right, Diplomado in Business Sciences and has both másters in Legal advice and in Right Concursal. From the creation of his own signature, Noguerol Lawyers, in 1998, Carlos has specialised in the resolution of mercantile and labour conflicts with a special emphasis in the societarios and banking.

Antonio Revaliente is Graduate in ADE with the Speciality in Marketing by Winthrop University, South Carolina, USA In his first labour incursion already left to glimpse his interest by the new technologies and the emprendimiento when refusing a charge in Panama Jack, to accept the one of marketing manager in a startup technological Nordic that had achieved 12M%u20AC of private investment.


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