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The program of Mentoring, coordinated by the Observatory of Labour Insertion of the Vicerrectorado of Students and Employment, goes headed to students or titled of the University of Alicante.

The Mentoring is an act that fine-tunes and enriches to the student or recently titled, adding more options and punto so that it can take decisions with tarpaulin and help him to discover by himself same the most hit options with the help, knowledges and experiences lived of others that day in day out confront to the world of the company.

We understand the figure of the mentor like a person with professional experience that helps, guide and orients to students and titled in his development like emprendedores.

The mentorización will develop between Abril and June of this year, and each participant will obtain an official supporting Diploma.

Which commitments purchase the participants?

  • Compulsory assistance to two face-to-face sessions in the UA: Session of start and session of closure.
  • Gather physically with the mentor, at least twice, in the place that both suit.
  • Take the initiative to the hour to contact with the mentor, through the different media that both agree.
  • Send the CV and realise an informative document of the business project, so that the mentor review it.
  • Realise the activities that can indicate him the mentor, like assistance to days, workshops... (All free)
  • Realise a final survey of satisfaction.

To inscribe , fills up the following form before 24 February.

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