Admission and registration Phd in Computer Science

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Phd in Computer Science

Admission and registration


The doctoral programme in computer science offers 40 places each year.


The general requirements for access to the doctorate can be found here .

Access to this doctoral programme is provided as follows::

Profile 1: Recommended profile:

Graduates, engineers or technologists in computer sciences, industrial, telecommunications engineers, graduates in Mathematics or related areas, holders of a Master’s degree in areas related to Computer Science

Profile 2: Recommended Profile:

Other undergraduate degrees or the like are not indicated in the above profile, holding a master's degree or at least 60 credits of masters-level, related to computer issues.

Profile 3. 

Any degree qualification or the like without a related master to computing.

For Profile 3 access, you will be required 12 ECTS credits listed below. These four subjects cover the most important research lines of the doctoral program and are taught by faculty of the program. The additional training to be overcome during the first year of his doctoral thesis for full-time students, or during the first and second year for part-time students. The academic committee, a motivated request of the student, and once valued the development of theses and reports from tutors and directors, one year may postpone overcoming supplements. All these courses will be conducted in a blended format. Pre-registration training complements the doctorate in computer science are found here .

Subject Recognition and Machine Learning
Subject Intelligent Systems
Subject Industrial Systems and methodology of scientific research
Subject Robotics and Automation

This additional training must be completed in a maximum of three consecutive semesters for full-time students and five for part-time students. Failure to do it will cause their leaving the programme.


Admission to the doctoral programme will be based on the weighting coefficient of the following criteria:

The criteria and admission procedures for part-time students are the same as those provided for full-time students. For the case where a student decides to change their status (from full-time to part-time or vice versa), the student must make a written request to the academic committee in which the reasons for the request should be reflected. The academic committee will assess the convenience of such a change.