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Phd in Computer Science



+ How can I request an extension of studies?

The PhD program lasts for 3 years for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students. The specific date of completion of your studies can be found in the RAPI. In case it is considered that the reading date is later, it is necessary to request an extension of studies. You have all the information in detail in the duration of the studies  sectionon the EDUA website. Please, send all the necessary documents to the email address doctorado@iuii.ua.es.


+ Which degree is needed to access to the PhD program in Computer Science?

Have all the information with detail in  the section of Profile of admission.


+ What are the transversal activities and the specific activities?

The transversal activities , are common to all the students of PhD off the "University of Alicante Doctoral School"(EDUA). They are compulsory independely the field of study. These activities are managed by the EDUA. These activities require an specific register. Some are in presential mode an others can be done on-line through the platform MOODLE of the University of Alicante. These activities are developped here .

The specific activities , are only for PhD in Computer Science students.

All the information on the tasks to realise by the students here.  

+ What is the RAPI?

The RAPI is the Register of Activities and Research Plan.  It is an  application available in the virtual campus of the University of Alicante. All PhD studens have to the register of the corresponding activities. It is compulsory to keep up to date this information. You can find all task for students in the following link 

Also professors tutors( link )  and directors( link ) of thesis will  keep up to date the information of the RAPI.

+ ¿What is the CAD?

The CAD is the  Academic Commission of Doctorate . It is the entity that takes decisions in the Computer Science Phd program.  (Admission and permanence of students in the program,  applications of students and proffessors, activities, etc.)


+ When does the Academic Commission (CAD) meet?

Normally, the CAD meets once in the first two weeks of the months of October, December, February, April and July. Exceptionally, and due to Easter holidays, the April meeting can go to May.

+ What is the procedure for the presentation of the thesis??

You have all the information in detail in the  Thesis presentation section.