Antonio Doval Pais Criminal policy studies group, criminal law and Criminology

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Logo Criminal policy studies group, criminal law and Criminology   Criminal policy studies group, criminal law and Criminology
Criminal policy studies group, criminal law and Criminology

Antonio Doval Pais

· Chair of penal Right of the University of Alicante (2012)

· Professor Title of penal Right (University of Valencia and University of Alicante)(1997-2012)

· Scholar FPI and DAAD-Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1991-1992)

· Doctor by the Universitat of València (1995)

· Extraordinary prize of Degree (University of Alicante, 1990)

· Extraordinary prize of Doctorate (Universitat of Valencia, 1996)

· National prize of Thesis Doctorales (Economic and Social Council, Madrid, 1995)

· Sexenios Of investigation: 3



- Crimes of alimentary fraud: analysis of his essential elements, Ed. Aranzadi, Pamplona 1996. [ISBN 84-8193-388-0]

- Possibilities and limits for the formulation of the penal norms. The case of the laws inwhite , Ed. Tirant The Blanch, Valencia 1999. [ISBN 84-8002-747-9 and ISBN 84-370-3865-0]

- The penalidad of the tentativas of crime, Ed. Tirant The Blanch, Valencia 2001. [ISBN 84-8442-365-4]


"The juridical consequences-penal of the alienation and the transitory mental disorder: historical Perspective" and "The juridical consequences-penal of the alienation and the transitory mental disorder: current Regulation", in Fascicles of Criminal Politics, núms. 39 and 40, Madrid, 1989, 1990.

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"Criteria of tutela penal of the public health and orientation of the penal intervention in matter of doping" in Doval Pais, To. (Dir.)/Sánchez-Moraleda Vilches, N. (Coord.): Doping, privacy and personal data. Special reference to the penal appearances and politico-criminal, Ed. Iustel, Madrid, 2010, págs. 29-47. [ISBN 978-84-9890-124-5]

(With White Lamb, I.) "Lto alienism like factor of discrimination of the convicts to penalties of prison", in Ruiz Rodríguez, L.R. (Coord.): Crime organised and alienism in Spain and Morocco, Ed. Tirant The Blanch, Valencia, 2013 [ISBN: 978-84-9033-943-5].

(With White Lamb, I., Fernández-Pacheco Estrada, C., Viana Ballester, C. And Sandoval Topped, J.C.) "The grantings of reprieves in Spain (2000-2008)", in Spanish Magazine of Investigation Criminológica (REIC), no. 9, 2011 [ISSN: 1696-9219] Available in:

(With Juanatey Golden, C.): "Juridical consequences of the use of unseen cameras and problems of the STC 12/2012, of 30 January", in Anarte Borrallo, And. (Dir.): New social conflicts: the paper of the privacy. Juridical analysis, interdisciplinar and compared, Ed. Iustel, Madrid, 2014.

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Doval Pais, To.: "Crimes of public corruption: reprieves and convictions", in Jareño Loyal, To. (Dir.): Political corruption. Questions of criminal Politics (I), Ed. Iustel, 2014, págs. 41-62.

· Projects of investigation funded by public institutions:

· "The penalty and his alternatives, with special attention to his efficiency in front of the juvenile delinquency" (GV-2446/94)

· "The principles of legality and culpability in the penal Code of 1995" (PB97-1370)

· "Penal responsibility by the commercialisation of defective products. Special reference to the crimes against the health publishes: harmful alimentary frauds" (BJU2001-2873),

· "Limits of the juridical protection of the privacy" (SEJ2006-06663/JURI)

· "New Social Conflicts: the paper of the privacy. Juridical analysis, interdisciplinar and compared" (SEJ 2714/2007)

· "The penal protection of the fundamental rights and his limits. Special reference to the freedom and to the privacy" (SEJ2007-30265-And)

· "Incidence of the measures of prevention, control and repression of the doping in the privacy and the personal data of the sporty. Special reference to the penal appearances" (23/UPB20/08)

· "The reprieve like instrument of material justice (juridical diet-penal and penitenciario, scope and perspectives)" (GRE08-P06 and GV/2009/095)(IP)

· "The sicurezza of the prodotto agroalimentare tra tutela of the produttore and tutela of the consumatore nella prospettiva European (Precauzione, Prevenzione and Repressione)"

· "Study on the links of foreign prisoners with the crime organised in Morocco and in Spain like instrument for the prevention of the criminality" (To/023116/09)

· "New penal limits for the individual autonomy and the privacy (NULIPAI)" (DER 2011-26909)(IP)

· Speaker in diverse Courses, Congresses and national Seminars and foreigners.

· Teaching in the own matters of the Area of knowledge of penal Right in the Universities of Alicante, Valencia and Jaume I (Castellón).

· Languages: 1. English, 2. Italian, 3. German, 4. French.