Guided tours of the University of Alicante

Through the Protocol Office, the Office of the Registrar runs guided tours of the University of Alicante for university students, students’ parents, associations, schools, high schools and other people or groups who would like to come and visit the UA. Our campus is regarded as one of the best in Europe. With large green areas, many trees, low buildings and wide pedestrian roads, the UA is perfect for outdoor life and exchanges, thus creating a delightful environment which enhances personal and academic quality of life. Visitors will be guided by UA students who are also Protocol Office assistants..

Guides run a standard tour which can be adapted to each group’s needs.

A wide range of activities are available to visitors:


  • During the campus tour, you will see the monument by José Azorín, Lecture Building 2, the University Council and Administration Services building, the hangar and the Pinoso monolith.
  • You can also visit the water treatment plant, the main library and the sports centre.
  • Moreover, it is possible to plant trees in the Duckling Park. You are advised to contact us to ensure the species provided by the visiting centre is suited to the UA campus.
  • Finally, you can do all the activities included in the cultural programme of the month in which the tour takes place.


If you wish to visit our campus, contact us at 965 90 39 06 or email us at


A call for applications is launched by the Office of the Vice President for Students and Employment every year, aimed at students who wish to become Protocol Office assistants and receive a grant. Assistants get involved in activities run by the Protocol Office, such as the following:

- Institutional ceremonies.
- Campus tours. 
- Other activities.

UA centres and departments can contact the Protocol Office to request these students’ assistance.

Telephone: 965 903 906