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The Project Domus adecua to the methodological protocols of the Foundation for his excavations in open area. This supposes the utilisation of the SIA (System of Archaeologic Information) designed by the Area of Archaeology of the UA, that comes applying in the Archaeologic Group from 1999. In consequence, the methodology comprises:

  1. Study of the previous batches of documents of the zone to take part (newspapers of excavation and photographies), in collaboration with the Foundation of The Alcudia (areas of documentation and archaeology, archive FLA).
  2. Prospección Geophysics with GPR coordinated by the Group of Investigation in Seismology, Seismic Risks and Processed of the Signal in Natural Phenomena.
  3. Excavation in open area, with system of register Harris (1991), coordinated by the INAPH (Groups of investigation of Prehistory and Protohistory, and of Archaeology and Historical Heritage) of agreement to the permission of intervention requested to the Generalitat Valencian. The documentation estratigráfica contemplates the realisation of planimetries georeferenced, sections acumulativas, plants of strata and of phase, index cards of UU.EE (will compile following the SIA used by the Foundation), matrices and inventory of materials.
  4. Graphic lifting of the different strata excavated with scanner laser 3D, system that allows the obtaining by means of cloud of points of the real geometry of the excavation and the structures found with an inferior error to the 3 mm. It will employ a scanner laser 3D of Leica ScanStation C-10. With the information obtained can realise a graphic lifting in shape of plants, heaved, sections and constructive details to different scales. This task will be coordinated by members of the INAPH pertaining to the Group of investigation of architectural Restoration of the University of Alicante and of the Department of architectural Constructions.
  5. Testar The new digital platform of the SIA, designed by the Area of Archaeology in the frame of the project %u201CInfrastructure of Space Data of Archaeologic Heritage of Castile-La Mancha%u201D (IDR-UCLM) for the on-line gestión of the archaeologic documentation, with seen to optimise the register and offer en el futuro this tool to the own Foundation.
  6. The performance posed like a General Plan of Investigation, foresees in the performance the preliminary consolidation of the structures that appear, as well as the preservation of the tanks estratigráficos in course of excavation by means of geotextil and cubrición partial, to continue his excavation in case of no conclusion. Of the same form, the criteria of consolidation of structures and susceptible profiles of erosion, will establish of agreement to the indications of the architects restauradores that form part of the team and to the procedures that establish the Foundation.

Project Domus-La Alcúdia. Live in llici

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Project financed by the Vice-Rectorate's own Program for Research and Knowledge Transfer for the promotion of R & D & I at the University of Alicante 2016

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