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Podcast of the programe "Documentos de RNE"

In the program of 20 May 2017, the program Documents RNE has issued the space The Lady of Elche, a lady errante. The program can oir through the web of the program in the following link:


Podcast of the program "Point of Link" of external Radio of Spain

In the program of the past 10 March, interviewed to Sonia Gutiérrez with reason of the finding of the small "Venus" of bone found in the sector excavated by the team of the project Domus-The Alcudia.


New Podcast with the interview realised by Saint Radius Vicente to Sonia Gutiérrez

In this interview, realised the past 6 March, the director of the project Domus-The Alcudia explained the last novelties obtained in the excavacion of the sector 4F.


Video sonbre the process of flotation of samples of earth of the excavation in the sector 4F

In this video see how the colleagues Fco. Javier Jover and Palmira Torregrosa explain to the students that participate in the excavation which is the process of flotation of the samples of earth collected to date in the sector 4F. In concrete, are llevar flotations of some of the levels of use and colmatación of the context tarodantiguo identified thanks to the apparition of some basureros and structures of combustion (ff. SAW-VIII d.C.).

Video on the works of archaeologic excavation of the Project Domus-The Alcudia published by the periodic information

The periodic information, in his edition difgital of 23 February, incorporporó this small video on the follow-up of the archaeologic works in the frame of the project Domus-The Alcudia. In him, we can see how the scientific directors explain also which have been the results of the prospecciones geophysics realised before the excavation and that in principle have allowed to pose the area of intervention.

Podcast of the interview to Sonia Gutiérrez in Saint Radius Vicente

We leave you the podcast of the program of radio "The clock of sand" of the day 18 January 2017 with the complete interview to the director of the project Domus. In him it explains which are the aims of the project and the planning of the activities.


Video of the Days "20 years of the university Foundation The Alcudia of archaeologic investigation"

Representatives of the University of Alicante and the University Institute of Investigation in Archaeology and Historical Heritage (INAPH) have participated in the National Archaeologic Museum (MAN).

In the Day “20 years of the university Foundation The Alcudia of archaeologic investigation”, that took place on 19 October 2016, tackled the current state of the investigations in The Alcudia-Ilici and the performances developed. They were present the director of the MAN, Andrés Cartwright Pérez; by part of the UA; the vice-chancellor of Investigation and Transfer of Knowledge, Amparo Navarro Faure; the director of the Secretariat of Investigation, Juan Dwells Pastor; the director of the Institute of Investigation in Archaeology and Historical Heritage-INAPH and of the scientific Council of the Foundation, Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret; the manager of the University, Rafael Pla Penalva; the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Juan Table Room. And, by part of the Foundation, his director Alejandro Bouquets and the technicians Mercedes Tendero and Ana Round. Besides they took part, Spanish Angels Hernández, conservative of Greek and Roman Antiquities; Concha Papí, technician of Museums and author of a study on Aureliano Ibarra.

 In wave with the University 26-02-16

Today, in "In wave with the University" have spoken of´L Alcudia with Sonia Gutiérrez, director of the Institute of Archaeology and Historical Heritage of the UA and Scientific Director of the University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation The Alcudia, and Alejandro Bouquets, director of the archaeologic park. As it said the Greek archaeologist Apyridon Marinatos: “Excavate is to open a book and read in the language that the centuries have written inside the earth».

Project Domus-La Alcúdia. Live in llici

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