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El martes 12 de marzo, Amparo Navarro Faure, Vicerrectora de Investigación y Transferencia de la UA, y Juan Mora Pastor, Director del Secretariado de Investigación de la UA, visitaron la excavación del proyecto Domus-La Alcudia, interesados en conocer de primera mano los avances de la segunda fase del proyecto financiado por el Programa Propio de Ayudas a la I+D+i de la UA.

La Alcudia se escribe en femenino....

La Alcudia nos muestra de nuevo que el pasado se muestra en femenino....

Noticia en el diario Información sobre el inicio de las excavaciones en La Alcudia de Elche

La Universidad de Alicante impulsa la segunda campaña de excavaciones en el yacimiento de La Alcudia, antigua ciudad de Illici, a la que van destinados 45.000 euros de "Ayudas para la realización de proyectos de investigación arqueológica", campaña que ha arrancado esta semana.

Fuente: diario Información

Comienza la nueva campaña de excavaciones del proyecto Domus-La Alcudia

Vuelven las excavaciones en La Alcudia (Elche) gracias al programa de ayudas propias de la Universidad de Alicante para el fomento de la I+D+i. El equipo del proyecto Domus-La Alcudia comienza hoy la segunda fase de investigaciones arqueológicas en el sector 4F, os esperamos a todos porque estaremos "Abiertos por excavaciones"

Published the documentary 120 years: Histories of a Lady

The Chair Lady of Elche of the University Miguel Hernández, has realised a documentary that rememora the 120 years of the discovery of the Lady of Elche. In him they appear researchers of our project.

The UCA realises a campaign of prospección geophysics in the city Ibero-Roman of Ilici in Elche

The unit of Geodetección of Historical Heritage of the University of Cádiz, ascribed to the Institute of Investigation Vitivinícola (IVAGRO) and coordinated by the professor Lázaro Lagóstena, has realised these days a wide exploration of the settlement ibero-roman of Ilici, in Elche, in support to the archaeologic interventions that the University of Alicante is realising in the yacimiento.

The aim of the exploration has been to obtain information to support the development of four archaeologic interventions that practise simultaneously in the group. It treats of the excavation directed by the professor José Uroz, chair of Ancient History of the University of Alicante, that realises in the space where found the Lady of Elche; the intervention of the professor Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret, chair of Archaeology in the Alicante institution, in the levels altomedievales of the sector Noreste of the yacimiento; the excavation of the termas roman of the sector Northwest that coordinate Ana María Round and Mercedes Tenderro, of the University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation of The Alcudia; and the intervention in the termas of the sector This that directs the professor of Ancient History of the UA, Jaime Molina Vidal.

An agreement between the UA and the UCLM allows to create the "double " digital" of the yacimiento of The Alcúdia

The signature of a specific agreement of R&D in matter of documentation of the archaeologic heritage between the INAPH, by part of the University of Alicante, and the Group of Teledetection and SIG of the Institute of Regional Development of the University of Castilla the Stain, has allowed the development of an Infrastructure of Space Data on archaeologic heritage (

Press conference of the Rector of the UA and the mayor of Elche in The Alcudia

The rector of the University of Alicante, Manuel Dovecot and the mayor of Elche, Carlos Gómez Serna have offered this morning a press conference in the yacimiento archaeologic of The Alcudia to do a balance of the excavations llevar inside the Program Suitable for the Promotion of the R&D in the University of Alicante 2016 that promotes the Vicerrectorado of Investigation and Transfer of the Knowledge of the University of Alicante.

We continue with the works of documentation of the archaeologic materials

The project continues with the works of documentation and study of the materials found during the archaeologic campaign llevar in the sector 4F of The Alcudia. Between other things, are drawing and photographing those more significant materials inside the sequence estratigráfica detected and for this, have the collaboration of the Workshop of image of the UA.


New article on the investigations llevar in The Alcudia of Elche in the frame of our project. This time, the news collects it the newspaper "Here in Alicante" and in her Sonia Gutiérrez, explains the fruits of the Project Domus initiated at the beginning of the university course.

IV Practical Course of Archaeology in The Alcudia of Elche

The next month of July will celebrate the fourth edition of the Practical Course of Archaeology in The Alcudia, inside the courses of summer Rafael Altamira of the UA. The course provides a basic training in the use of the methodological instruments and the knowledge of the main strategies of intervention in the work of field and the archaeologic investigation. It consists of a practical part in sessions matinales to the yacimiento of The Alcudia of Elche, where llevar tasks of excavation, prospección, documentation and cataloging of the archaeologic register, and a consistent theoretical part in talks on subjects of investigation given by specialists followed of a time of debate

They continue the works of study of archaeologic materials

After the ending of the works of field, the team of the project Domus-The Alcudia continuous with the study of the archaeologic materials found in the sector 4F. One of the most abundant registers has been the one of the stuccos painted of roman period that, in spite of being documented in secondary deposition in the levels tardoantiguos, belonged definitely to the domestic contexts of the domus altoimperiales found in this sector of the city. The analysis and interpretation of the decorative programs reflected in these stuccos is being llevar by the Dr. Alicia Fernández (University of Murcia), one of the greater specialists in roman painting of the country.

The collaboration of scientific teams of the CSIC, the UMU, the UCLM in Project Domus of the UA allows to determine how was the landscape of The Alcudia in period tardoantigua

Today, in university actuality, new news on the project Domus-The Alcudia. In this occasion, centres in the importance of the collaboration with the pertinent scientific teams of the Upper Centre of Scientific Investigation (CSIC), of the University of Murcia (UMU) and of the University of Castile-La Mancha (UCLM) to know how was the landscape in the zone excavated in the sector 4F during the centuries SAW, SAW and VIII d. C.

Visit of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation The Alcudia

Today, the members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation L'Alcúdia, accompanied by the Vice-chancellor of investigation Amparo Fragüe, have visited the excavation of the sector 4F joint the director of the project Domus-The Alcudia, Sonia Gutiérrez, the one who has showed them the main findings.

The team of the project Domus-The Alcudia continuous with the works of laboratory in the yacimiento

Once finalised the works of field, follow with the cataloging and inventoried of the archaeologic materials found in the sector 4F during the campaign of February-March of 2017. Between all the group of ceramics found, stand out some pieces that appeared fragmentadas but after the work of our technicians and of the students, have been able to be reconstructed almost completely.

Flight with dron of the sector 4F and of the yacimiento of The Alcudia

The Group of Teledetection and SIG of the Institute of regional Development of the University of Castilla the Stain, collaborators of the project Domus-The Alcudia, has visited us today to realise a flight fotogramétrico with dron on the sector excavated this campaign and especially the perimeter of the yacimiento.

In brief will show the results.

Sampling bioarqueológico of the late levels of the sector 4F

Sebastián Pérez, of the Laboratory of arqueobiología (ArqBio) of the Group of Arqueobiología, of the Department of Archaeology and Social Processes (Institute of History of the CSIC (upper Council of scientific investigations, in Madrid) has realised today the sampling bioarqueológico of all the registers estratigráficos reliable of the sector excavated this campaign. In the next months will have an environmental diachronic sequence complete of the levels of occupation tardoantiguos of the yacimiento.

Amparo Navarro, vice-chancellor of Investigation of the UA, visits the excavations under way in the Foundation The Alcudia

Impressed and excited with the colour that are purchasing the excavations under way in The Alcudia, the vice-chancellor of Investigation and Transfer of Knowledge, Amparo Navarro Faure and the director of the secretariat of Investigation of the UA, Juan Dwells, have visited the terrains that house the University Foundation "The Alcudia" of Archaeologic Investigation. Accompanied by the two teams of the main researchers of the projects Domus - The Alcudia. Live in Ilici, and %u201CArchaeology and socialisation of the knowledge in The Alcudia of Elche. The Termas Oriental and surrounding areas (ASTERO)%u201D, that during these days of March follow realising the first phase of work, with the excavations, cataloging in situ and documentation all the found, the institutional representatives have been able to discover the state in that they find both projects, know at first hand how is proceeding in each space of work, take between his hands any of the pieces found these fruitful days of excavations, like the %u201CVenus%u201D or the %u201CLucerna%u201D

Source: university actuality

A lucerna with a scene erótica between a woman and a herma appears in the excavations of the UA in The Alcudi

The finding of a lucerna roman with a scene erótico puts again of actuality to the project Domus-The Alcudia. We leave you the link to the news.

Other sources:

Podcast of the program "Point of Link" of external Radio of Spain

We leave you the link to the program of Radius "Point of Link", of External Radio of Spain, in which it interviewed to Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret with reason of the finding of the small "Venus" of bone found in the sector excavated by the team of the project Domus-The Alcudia. The director of the project explained also the importance to having documented the late phases and altomedievales in the sector excavated, since they confirm the pervivencia of the habitat during the 6th-8th centuries A.D. In a busy sector in roman period by big domus.

Repercussion mediática in front of the finding of the small "Venus" of bone found in the sector 4F of the Alcudia

Discovered in The Alcudia a small "roman" Venus, inside the excavations of Project Domus of the University of Alicante

An estatuilla that represents a nude woman with a mantle on the left shoulder, done in bone and of 8,5 centimetres of height, has appeared in The Alcudia, inside the excavation Project Domus - The Alcudia. Live in Ilici, whose works began does some days in Elche. The figurilla roman seems to symbolise to a feminine divinity and, to fault of the feet and the head, that has them amputated, calculates would have to have had some 12 centimetres of height. With this finding see recompensados the works initiated recently more than a week by the team researcher.

Source: university actuality

They restore the plane of the place where discovered the Lady of Elche

The Institut Valencià of Conservació i Restauració has received the commission of the University of Alicante to restore a general plane of the Alcúdia, specifically of the solar where found the ancient Ilici and where found the sculpture of the Lady of Elche.

Source: newspaper 20 minutes

A «goddess» to initiate the adventure

The periodic information does echo of the novelties obtained during the first week of excavations in the sector 4F of The Alcudia.

"The project Domus premières his first week in The Alcudia with the apparition of an estatuilla feminine roman and of a Visigothic construction"

Finding of a figurilla feminine realised in bone

Today it has appeared us in the excavation this preciosidad of piece, a small figurilla of bone that seems to represent to a feminine divinity. It treats probably of a roman piece that would belong to the owners of any of the domus roman of the sector, although to us has appeared us between the levels of occupation ascribed to the last historical phase detected in the Alcudia (6th-8th centuries A.D.), represented by the moment in our excavation by some basureros and structures murarias.

The project Domus in university actuality

The project of investigation and excavation is, at the same time, educational laboratory of initiation to the archaeologic investigation. Beside the experts of the INAPH, participate in him groups of investigation of the Upper Polytechnical School.

Incorporation of two new members to the team of the project Domus-The Alcudia

They have incorporated two new members to the team of investigation of our project, Víctor Cañavate Castejón and Ana Mª Charquero Ballester, hired by the UA in public announcement like collaborators junior and whose tasks are the ones to assume, beside the scientific directors, the technical direction of the works of field in the sector 4F of the Alcudia. ¡Welcome to the two!

They begin the works of excavation in the Sector 4F of The Alcudia of Elche

This week have begun the works of archaeologic excavation in the sector 4F of the Alcudia, in the frame of the project Domus-The Alcudia. Live in Ilici.

The cut has been posed, in base to the results of the prospección geophysics, in the northern zone of the existent area between the domus roman 3F and 5F. In the excavation participates, in addition to the technical team and scientist, a numerous group of students of the Máster of Archaeology and of the Degree of History of the UA. We will go you explaining the novelties that go arising.

The Project Domus could take out to the new light roman traces in The Alcudia

Press release on the start of the works of the project in the newspaper The Truth.

Interview to Sonia Gutiérrez in Saint Radius Vicente

We leave you the podcast of the program of radio "The clock of sand" of the day 18 January 2017 with the complete interview to the director of the project Domus. In him it explains which are the aims of the project and the planning of the activities.

The University of Alicante has begun Project Domus, the project of archaeologic excavation in the sector F4 of The Alcudia

Already they have begun the archaeologic works in The Alcudia in the frame of the %u201CProject Domus: live in Illici%u201D, with the chair of Archaeology of the University of Alicante, Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret, at the front. The purpose of this project is to realise a study estratigráfico of the different stages that have become in the yacimiento along the history. The works have initiated with the prospección geophysics in the sector F4, between the domus already known (F3 and F5), two roman houses aristocratic appeared previously, to end to obtain previous information to the excavation by means of technicians no invasivas.

It begins the project Domus with the prospección geophysics in the sector 4F

Today it has begun the work of field of the "Project Domus. Live in Ilici", directed by Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret and with a multidisciplinary scientific team formed by several members of the INAPH and other departments of the UA, of the CSIC, of the University of Castile-La Mancha or of the University of the Basque Country. We leave you some images of the prospección geophysics realised today by the Dep. Of Sciences of the Earth and of the Environment of the UA in the area of archaeologic performance proposal in the project between the famous domus 3F and 5F. Now to expect the results and to excavate.....

Domus Roman full of history

Source: Daily Information

First meeting in The Alcudia of presentation and put in common of the four projects of archaeologic investigation funded by the University of Alicante

The Foundation goes to tackle the editorial of the Plan of special of Protection and of the new Plan Director that the Conselleria

The new phase aunará investigation, tutela and put in value of the city of Ilici-The Alcudia, in all his historical phases

Program of radius "In wave with the University"

In wave with the University 26-02-16

Today, in "In wave with the University" have spoken of´L Alcudia with Sonia Gutiérrez, director of the Institute of Archaeology and Historical Heritage of the UA and Scientific Director of the University Foundation of Archaeologic Investigation The Alcudia, and Alejandro Bouquets, director of the archaeologic park. As it said the Greek archaeologist Apyridon Marinatos: %u201CExcavate is to open a book and read in the language that the centuries have written inside the earth».

Project Domus-La Alcúdia. Live in llici

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