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The realisation of all these tasks comports a Formative Plan headed to students of end of Degree and of Máster, with preference to the Máster in Archaeology and Integral Gestión of the Heritage of the UA, but opened also to other profiles of the specialitys linked to this project. The participation of students will integrate in the works of field and laboratory, and in the measure that the organisation and coordination of the Máster allow it, through the practicum collected in the plans of study of the same, converting of this form to the Project Domus in an educational laboratory of initiation to the archaeologic investigation.

It contemplates besides a Plan of Diffusion that includes:

  • Informative signpost with the preliminary results of the intervention to place in situ and/or in the interior of the Museum.
  • Website of the project linked to the INAPH, with the update of the data.
  • Follow-up in video and image of all the process of work of archaeologic investigation to create an informative documentary that it will be able to lodge in the channel YouTube of the UA, and use with educational ends.
  • Realisation of a program of diffusion with the lemma %u201CArchaeology in direct: the domus opens his doors%u201D, in which the team and the students that participate will show to the visitors weekly the progresses and problems of the investigation in course.
  • Diffusion of activities and news in the social networks of the INAPH, of the Foundation and of the UA, as well as in the ordinary media (press releases, radio, television, etc.).
  • Publication of results of agreement to the foreseen in announcement, with scientific articles in congresses and means of impact.
  • Preparation of the general publication and, like advance, commitment of publication of the preliminary reports in platforms open dates (RUA, web of the INAPH, etc.)

Project Domus-La Alcúdia. Live in llici

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