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Ever since it was created in 2007, Quaderns de cine has been devoted to publishing monographic issues on the relationship between cinema and pedagogy, emigration, historical memory, the Spanish transition to democracy, Africa, feminism, and social sciences. Its multidisciplinary nature has made it possible for dozens of specialists from Spanish and foreign universities to collaborate with the magazine, and is at the heart of its creators' objectives for the future. The aim of Quaderns de Cine is to keep an open spirit and boost collaborations with experts from all kinds of fields, cinema being the common thread bringing them all together. - 96 590 3400 ext 9720

Team & Editorial Board
  • Director: Juan A. Ríos Carratalá
  • Secretary: Israel Gil Pérez
  • Chairs:
    • Natalia Contreras de la Llave
    • Isabel Lifante
    • Emilio Soler
Advisory and Scientific Board
  • Mª de los Ángeles Llorca Tonda
  • Mercedes Martínez-Abarca Oliver
  • Pedro Payá López
  • Mª Jesús Ortiz Díaz
  • Joaquín Espinós
  • Jorge Moya Ballester
  • Cayetano Mas Galván
  • Dulcinea Tomás Cámara
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Quaderns de cine

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