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Research & Business

Research at the UA

The University of Alicante is firmly committed to high-quality work and one of its priorities is the development of intense research activity that contributes to the generation and transfer of knowledge.

In order to ensure our research activity is carried out under appropriate conditions, we consider it essential to have both strong support to our already existing research groups and to encourage and promote the consolidation of emerging research groups.

Looking for a PhD?

The University of Alicante Doctoral School (EDUA) organises specialised and multidisciplinary PhD courses.

Looking for advice?


The staff members at the Service for Research Management provide advice to external researchers in R&D and support in managing the several activities related to research.

Research Technical Services (SSTTI)

The Technical Research Services (SSTTI)  provides fully equipped infrastructure, state-of-the-art scientific and technical devices and qualified personnel to support our researchers as well as other researchers from other public institutions and the business community in tasks related to analytical and specialised tests of very diverse areas.

Office of the Vice President for Research

In the  Office of the Vice President for Research are firmly committed to a high-quality university, with the main goal of developing an intense research activity that contributes to generating and transferring knowledge.