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Academic certificates


Through e-Government, we integrate new technologies in administrative procedures, from processes in paper to electronic processes. You can get the electronic certificate, which will always be available in the Virtual Campus UACloud, in a matter of minutes, avoiding the waiting and travel times. Also print the times you need itcan be, so it is not necessary to request compulsas.

Request for legalization of original University academic documents that have to be valid in foreign academic certificates must go with handwritten signature. Therefore, the academic certificate of e-Administration (electronic certificate) may not be used to carry out this procedure.

Who can request an electronic academic certificate?
  • Gradestudents.
  • Master's degreestudents.
  • Students of Diploma/degree with password for access to the Virtual Campus. If you don't or you have forgotten your password you can request it by sending an e-mail to attaching your ID card scanned and a writing signed by ti requesting it. (Very old qualifications, might not be in virtual campus.) Yes you can get the boot. ACAD. Electronic enIng. TEC. Public works)

If your identification number at the University of Alicante is a Passport you can not request the electronic certificate, already the platform e-adm currently can only be used with DNI or NIE. If you wish to change your Passport identification number to DNI or NIE, you can do so requesting the Secretariat, enclosing the corresponding documentation.

Would an electronic academic certificate apply?

Through the UA Cloud Virtual Campus, following these steps:

eGovernment > > transactions > > ACADEMICS > > academic certificate > >

You choose the requested certificate data > > next > > confirm > >

PAYMENT with card > > (filling card number) > > OK > > end

(Waits 30 seconds)

You can have the certificate available in the section my records.

It is recommended to disable the pop-up blocking. If trying to access blocking rejects the page, the browser will ask you if you want to access "just this time" or "anytime from now". In both cases, you can continue processing the certificate.

Forms of payment:
  • By bank card: the certificate is issued in a matter of minutes.
  • Cash at any branch (or ATM) of Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander Cajamurcia: the certificate is issued on the next business day.
Regulations on electronic academic certificates:

This certificate has the same legal validity as a traditional certificate paper (see regulations).

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