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Academic title (degrees and másteres)

Procedure of application and processing of the title

Application of the title

The/The student will request the expedition of the official university title that there is cursado in this University, through the applications UA Cloud (Campus Virtual).

The electronic formality only will be available for the corresponding degrees to Degree, Master and Doctorate included in the frame of the European Space of Upper Education. It will not be available for the rest of the ancient degrees that will have to follow with the procedure of previous application.

The/The student will initiate the formality going in in the applications UA Cloud and selecting the application and Administration. Inside said application will select Formalities, and in the Academic section will puncture in Application of the Official Title.

It will appear him a screen with all the Important Information on the procedure of application. The/The student will have to read it thoroughly and confirm marking the corresponding box that has read it, understood and accepts said normative.

To continuation to the student will show him the Form of Application, where will select the studies for which goes to request the title and will have to fill only the data of the email, in the case that it want to receive the notifications in a distinct post to the post of the UA of the student, and the number telephone for the case that it arise some incidence. In said email is where will realise him to the student the corresponding notifications to the processing of his title.

In the following screen, of Confirmation of Personal Data, will show him the necessary data for the application of the title, the /the student has to review them and ensure that they are correct (reviewing capital/tiny, scripts, tildes/accents, etc), being his Document of Identity the document of reference for the review, as it indicates the valid legislation (Art.17.1b of the Royal decree1002/2010).

IMPORTANT: The/The student will be the/the responsible that his data are correct and the incidences that can have will have to amend them in the Office of his Centre, before continuing with the procedure.

In the case that the/the student do not indicate at all and demand later the reprint of the title to correct the error or the corresponding omission, the University of Alicante declines any responsibility, and will have to be the/the student the one who assume the cost of the taxes of reprint.

In the case, that they are correct, the/the student will request the title puncturing in the button "CONFIRM", in this moment, will generate the receipt of taxes of expedition of the title. The/the student will be able to pay the receipt in this instant or leave it for later.

In the moment, in that it pay the taxes will initiate the process for the obtaining of the official title. If the payment realises during the periods vacacionales of the UA (navidad, saint week and August), the process for the obtaining of the title will initiate the first skillful day after the holidays.

You can consult the procedure, step by step, in the following tutorial

Delivery of the certificate supletorio

When the Ministry of Education assign the number of national register of the titled, the University of Alicante will issue, in electronic format, a certification supletoria provisional that will substitute to the title and will enjoy of identical value to effects of the exercise of the rights to him inherent. Said certification will include the essential data that have to appear in the corresponding title, the number of national register of titled university official and will be signed by the Rector.

The student will be able to download the document in the moment in that it receive a notification through the applications UA Cloud (Campus Virtual), will notify him also through the email indicated in the form of application. To download the document will have to go in in the applications UA Cloud (Campus Virtual) and puncture in the notification where will be able to print the Certification.

Delivery of the title

In the moment in which the title was available, will notify him to the student, by means of email headed to the direction indicated as well as to the email address of the UA of the student (

The valid legislation (art. 6, section 1 and 2 of the Ministerial order of 8 July 1988, BOE of 13 July of the 88) indicates the following modalities of delivery of the title:

  • Can collect it the interested, previous presentation of the Document of original Identity.
  • The interested can authorise to another person, by means of notarial power.
  • It can request his sending to the Delegations or Subdelegaciones of the Government, Embassies or Consulados General more next to his place of residence. The sending will realise by postal post certificate. If it chooses this option the student will assume the risks by extravío that can ocasionar, assuming in his case, the taxes of reprint.

    -The sending of the title become the tax that, to the effect, contemplates the Law 7/2014, of 22 December of Fiscal Measures, of Administrative and Financial Gestión, and of Organisation DOCV 29/12/2014

    ·Sendings with destination Spain: 15 euros,

    ·Sendings with destination Europe: 30 euros,

    ·Sendings with destination other countries: 50 euros.

    -In the case that the receipt have some type of discount, the effects will not be valid until it contribute the documentation justificativa. Will be able to apply to the amount of the public taxes the following discounts:

    ·Numerous family General (50%).

    ·Special Numerous family (100%)

    ·Equal or upper disability to 33% (100%)

    ·Victim of armed bands or terrorist elements (100%).

    The application of postal sending will realise presenting the following form filled, together with a copy of his Document of Identity.All the documentation has to be scanned in an only archive, the archive will have to be called with the Surnames, Name of the applicant.

    The documentation will present attaching it in the form that appears when puncturing in It contacts with us-2.

    Once received his request, will generate the tax of sending of the title and will remit him to the email address that appears in the form filled. This application will not be effective until it do not realise the credit of the tax. The sendings of titles will realise once a month


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