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Academic certificates

Academic certificate request

Certificates contain personal data and, in compliance with the data protection act, only will be handed to the interested party or person duly authorized by him.

You can have the information relating to the notes contained in your record, depending on the official that you require, by means of:

  • The student information sheet. This document is free but only have informative value and you can get it from your Virtual Campus. If you need the tab to go sealed, you will be issued, upon presentation of the DNI / NIE / passport or TIU, the Secretary of the faculty.
  • Through a PERSONAL academic certificate. It is an official document, signed by Dean, Secretary of the Centre and the Administrative Manager. It is a certificate it brings public charges (€27.34 for the academic year 2012/13). The delivery of this certificate will be 2 working days counted from the day following your request.

Models of certificates

  • Certificate academic staff complete: shows all subjects, outnumbered or not, per academic year and the media over subjects.
  • Certificate academic staff summarized: displays only great subjects and subjects exceeded average note.
  • Certificate of registration: shows the subjects enrolled in the present academic year.
  • Certificate for the renewal of the title of numerous family: is free and exclusively for this procedure.

Applicable discounts

You must justify the application of different discounts through the following documents:

  • Large family General (50%). You must submit original and a photocopy, for your comparison of the updated title of numerous family.
  • Large family special (100%). You must submit original and a photocopy, for your comparison of the updated title of numerous family.
  • Disability equal to or greater than 33 % (100%). You must submit certification of such circumstances and photocopy for your comparison.
  • Victim of armed bands and terrorist elements (100%). You must submit original and photocopy for your comparison, of the document attesting this situation or, in case of being a child of the person recognised as a victim, book of family and the last declaration of the income of the parents.

How and where would apply it?

Now you can request in two ways:

sede electronica

Electronic Headquartes of the UAIt has started up. From the option other Virtual Campus services have access to the new menu of e-Administration: e-adm.

At the moment only can request the Full Personal academic certificate in Spanish. Except for the public works engineering, summarized certificate is not available.

If you apply for a Personal academic certificate electronic and perform payment card, you will have your eCertificate in minutes.This certificate has the same legal than a traditional paper certificate validity (Law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services) and you will avoid waiting times in non-electronic procedures (delivery of the proof of payment, term for the signature of the responsible, collecting the certificate, etc.).

Once requested and paid we will notify you by mail that you have available in your folder of the citizen.

Quick Guide to Virtual Campus:

Other services > > e-adm > > my public folder

Procedures > academic certification > access to the procedure of application for academic certification

(Filling the form) > next > next > payment card

(Filling card number) > pay > end


My public folder > access my public folder > click No. record > show list of documents > academic certificate > a PDF is generated. That is the academic certificate.

The times you need it, so it is not necessary to request a certification you can print.

Interactive tutorial which describes this electronic procedure in detail


If you have asked the non-electronic certificate by calling the 965903648 or the Secretary, you can pick up the certified two business days after your request, against payment of the corresponding fees and the presentation of your ID card.

You can pay this Bill:

  • With your card via the Virtual Campus (Secretariat → receipts emitidosâ pagos→ click on the icon €)
  • Personally if you collect the receipt in the Secretary of the Faculty and pay it directly to the Bank (CAM, BANCAJA, CAJAMURCIA or Banco Santander) or by cashier (schedules entities on campus)
  • Download the receipt through your Virtual Campus and paying him directly in the Bank (CAM, BANCAJA, CAJAMURCIA or Banco Santander) or by cashier.

We remind you that these certificates are personal and only delivered to the interested party or person duly authorizedby him.


No certificate will not be delivered if any of the documents cited above (receipt, authorization or identity card)

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