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Academic rates

¿What are the academic taxes?

You can consult the academic taxes establishes them annually the Generalitat Valencian in this direction


Finalised the period of introduction of data and of reception of documentation, and after the timely comprobaciones, the University will issue the letters of payment of the university fees in accordance with the following detail:

  • 1º receipt of matrícula (new students): it will have to be paid in the first fortnight of August
  • 1º receipt of matrícula (students continuadores): it will have to be paid in the second fortnight of October
  • 2º receipt of matrícula: it will have to be paid in the second fortnight of January  

You will be able to obtain the receipt in your Virtual Campus:

If the payment is in cash: you have to print it and pay it in any one of the banking entities that indicates you in the receipt.
If the payment is domiciliado: the receipt that will find is merely informative and indicates you which day will happen to the collection in the account that marked in the automatrícula.

Those who prefer it will be able to receive to the modality of only payment. In the case that they request the extraordinary announcement to finalise studies (C1) for all the asignaturas of which enrol , will issue them an only letter of payment by the total amount of his matrícula, independently of the form of payment chosen

¿What occur if I do not pay my matrícula?

The non-payment of any of these terms will comport the automatic cancellation of your matrícula, without right to the reintegro of the quantities that had credited.

If your matrícula cancels by non-payment during two academic courses consecutive, will be you demanded like requirement for the admission of a new matrícula the previous payment of the total of the amount of the same, as it establishes the Decree of Public Prices of the Valencian Government.

If you do use of the public service of upper education in the educations conducentes to the obtaining of official titles, present you to examination and are recorded in records of the asignatura of which have examined you with definite qualification and have not paid the amount of your matrícula in the terms established, will proceed to the blockade of your file, being demanded like requirement to unblock it the previous payment of the amount of the university fees.

¿How I can pay?

You can domiciliar the payment in any banking entity, when formalising your matrícula in Virtual Campus, or realise the payment in cash.

In this last case (payment in cash), will have to download and print your receipt from your Virtual Campus (virtual Campus  → administrative Office  → payments → receipts issued) and pay his amount in any office of SabadellCAM, Bank of Santander, BANCAJA or BOX MURCIA, or in any automatic cashier of SabadellCAM, of the network of cashiers TELEBANCO 4B, BANCAJA or CAJAMURCIA.

 ¿How much have to pay?

You will pay in function of the number of credits of which enrol you; no of the number of asignaturas.

Take into account that when you go back you to enrol of an asignatura for the second time the amount of the credits of this asignatura will increase in 75%. This increase will be of 120% if you enrol you by third time or back.

¿Which is the minimum quantity that I have to pay by my matrícula?

The minimum that will have to pay by your matrícula, in concept of academic taxes, is 300 € (150 € if you are Numerous Family). It will earn you this quantity although you enrol you of a number of asignaturas whose amount was inferior.

Exception: it will not apply this minimum if the amount of the total credits that have slopes to finalise the studies does not surpass said quantity mí to fulfil this exception have to recognise credits, do it before the broadcast of the receipts of matrícula. As well as in you enrol them reduced in attention to a disability.

The minimum amount applies in the second term of the matrícula.

¿Which discounts can apply in the matrícula?

The discounts and exemptions that can apply to the amount of the matrícula are the following:

  • Scholarships and Exemptions of Taxes: The alumnado that receive scholarship of the MEC (Ministry of Education and Science) or exemption of taxes of the Generalitat Valencian is exento of the payment of the academic taxes of matrícula.

You owe to take into account:

    1. If you have requested scholarship have to pay the receipt of matrícula in cash (no by domiciliation).
    2. Your receipt only will include the administrative taxes (around 60 € if you are student of first and of 6 € if you are student of continuation of studies). The academic taxes only will have to them credit if you deniegan the scholarship.
    3. If you do not fulfil any of the academic requirements for scholarship (be enrolled of the minimum demanded or have approved 80% of the credits of the past course), applies you the collection cautelar and yes that you have to pay the academic taxes.
    4. ¿What is a collection cautelar? If you do not fulfil any of the academic requirements to request scholarship (be enrolled of the minimum demanded or have not suspended in the previous course more than 20%), applies you the collection cautelar and yes that you have to pay the academic taxes.

      Those who opt by the matrícula partial have to enrol at least of 30 credits that will have to approve in his whole to be able to opt to scholarship the following course.

    5. If when checking your receipt, observe that it does not apply the discount, can consult in your virtual campus/secretary/scholarships the information on your situation and, if they have realised you a collection cautelar, indicate you the reason.
    6. The scholarship of matrícula will not cover the amount of the credits that enrol by third or successive matrículas.

  • Exemption of taxes by Numerous Family: The alumnado member of numerous family will have the following discounts in matrícula:
  • Numerous family of Special Category → total Exemption (100%) of the academic taxes of matrícula.
  • Numerous family of General Category → Discount of 50% of the academic taxes of matrícula.
If it forms part of a Numerous Family, has to present in the Office of the Faculty, in the period of matrícula, original and copy of the title of numerous family updated, except that already it had presented it in the previous course in the same study and was not caducado in the date of official beginning of the academic course (13/09/2011)(*). When it realise the automatricula by Virtual Campus has to mark the box of numerous family

(*) Instruction of Management of the UA - 10/11/2010: The date of caducity of the document that accredit the numerous family, has to be equal or back to the day of the start of each course, according to the corresponding official calendar.

Where direct to update the title of numerous family: To any one of the Offices or Information centres of the Valencian Community. Telephone of Information: 012. And, preferably, in REGISTER OF THE TERRITORIAL DIRECTION OF SOCIAL WELFARE: c/ FERNANDO MADROÑAL, 52 – 03007 ALICANTE / Telephone: 965934762 (face-to-face Attention of 9 to 11 hours and collected of documentation until the 14 hours in business days). More information.

  • Exemption of taxes for disabled students: The students to which have recognised them a degree of minusvalía equal or upper to 33% or are pensioners of the Social Security for having recognised a permanent inability total, absolute or big invalidity, will have right to the total exemption of the academic taxes of matrícula and public prices.
  • Exemption of taxes for victims of the terrorism: will have total exemption of the payment of academic taxes of matrícula the students that have been victims of armed bands and terrorist elements.
  • Discount by obtaining of Matrícula of Honour:
  • The obtaining of matrícula of honour, in one or several asignaturas corresponding to some same studies, will give place in the immediately back course to a bonus in the matrícula of this equivalent year to the amount of the number of credits that compose the asignatura/s in which it has obtained the matrícula of honour. This discount appears automatically in the receipt of enrols with the amount of 1ª enrols, without need to request it.
  • The students with matrícula of honour in the global evaluation of the 2º course of Bachillerato or with extraordinary prize in the Bachillerato will have, during the first year and by an alone time, total exemption of the payment of the university fees. The student has to contribute the documentation.
     ¿I have to pay the recognition of credits?

    By each credit recognised will credit 25% of the price of the credit in your career, without prejudice to the exemptions and bonuses that correspond you (the same that for the matrícula of the asignaturas).

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