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Approved by compensation

In order to obtain the compensation approved you must meet the requirements established in accordance with the following rules, and will affect records that lead to the obtaining of the EPS titles in process of extinction.

1. The student is enrolled in the University of Alicante and has completed it, at least 50% of the appropriations corresponding to the degree that assessment is requested for compensation.

2 Concerned's corresponding credits to core or compulsory subjects of a degree. In no event shall be elective credits or free choice compensation.

3 Matching credits whose qualification is sought by way of compensation with the last necessary matter to obtain the title, excluding those related to the practicum or the working end of


4 That the student has exhausted, at least five calls for the subject to be evaluated for compensation.

5 That in some of the exhausted calls for appropriations to compensate for the student has obtained a note equal to or greater than 3.5 points.

6 The student is enrolled appropriations requested compensation at the time of your request.

7. Only one subject may be offset and the number of credits of the same shall not exceed 15.

The regulation sets limits on its application.

The request for compensation will be instance addressed to the Rector, which shall be recorded the credits whose approval is requested, and will be presented in Secretary's Office or in the register of the University of Alicante - general.

In case that the resolution is favourable, the effects will occur in the immediately subsequent to the request call.

You can get an overview of the rules 2013-14 approved by compensation here


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