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%u2022 APTITUDE test: the modality implanted by the EPS is the test of fitness, as determined by article 1 of the regulation, this test will consist of a review written by subject on the academic knowledge of the applicant, referring to the common training contents for which training deficiencies have been identified. The content should cover all subjects in which to organize common formative contents mentioned in the resolution requiring the test, in accordance with the plan of studies leading to the obtaining of the Spanish title that refers the resolution and existing in the Polytechnic School Superior. The different training content for each plan of studies of the Centre are:

a.. computer engineering (BOE 25/09/2001)
b. Technical engineering in computer systems (BOE 25/09/2001)
c. technical engineering in computer science (BOE 25/09/2001)
d. architecture (BOE 17/10/96)
e. telecommunications engineering. Image and sound (BOE 07/25/01)
f. Technical architecture (BOE 12/1/99)
g. technical engineer in public works (BOE 12/01/91)

%u2022 TERM: from 12 to 23 of November of 2012 both inclusive

%u2022 LOCATION: Secretariat of the Polytechnic School (building I)

%u2022 REGISTRATION procedure: the applicant must fill in the corresponding request and deliver the documents referred to under article 4 of regulation of EPS:

a original and photocopy, to his collation of the resolution of the Ministry outlining the training gaps that must be overcome and that is time

b. photocopy of DNI, passport or NIE.

e copy of the payment of the corresponding fee according to the Decree of the Generalitat Valenciana, in case of admission rates (143,73%u20AC)

f certificate, where appropriate, of other universities which have exceeded any of complementary training requirements listed in the resolution.

After a maximum period of 15 working days from the end of the period of registration of each call, the subjects on which the fitness test required will be published for each applicant.

%u2022 EXAMINATION period: for the academic year 2012 / 2013 the conclusion of tryouts will be held in the period of examinations listed below:

  • First call: May - June 2013
  • Second call: June - July 2013

Secretariat EPS 2

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