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Legalization of documents abroad

Guidelines so that you can arrange the necessary documents to validate your study abroad:

First, you need to know that appropriate agencies of the host country are those who must advise you of any aspect of the presentation, type of document, questions, etc. This link with the Ministry of education page , you have more information:

Previously, if you can not appear in Secretariat, you must authorize someone who can come on your behalf to request the documentation you need.

On the page of the EPS - Secretary's Office - Forms will find a form of authorization to remove documentation

  • Title : it will be in your power (either the final or the substitute) and you must photocopy and certify as you indicate in each case.
  • Academic certificate: there are two ways to request
    • Through your virtual campus, with the procedure which you indicated in a link below. But find out if in the administration you should present it applies digital signature, increasingly widespread and with total validity, although sometimes it is not supported.
    • Through our Ministry, you can request by e-mail, we will prepare it for you and you would have to pay the fees to remove.

Here is the information

    in terms of obtaining certificates.
  • Plan of studies :

We facilitate you in Secretariat, with the seal of the EPS

  • Programs

You must order them in every department that matches the subject, indicating that year most it. You can also get it from web of titration, tab of the subject, in which appears the program in pdf, and Department corresponds to that and that should seal you programs.

Presentation - unification of all documentation

Once you have all the documents, you must renumber them, from the first to the last page, and deliver it in the EPS Secretariat to include a certification of the Center about the Special Edition with the following recommendations

  • The curriculum should be first. Then the programmes sorted according to the course academic course was approved.
  • They should include only programs of the subjects that the student has overcome and should correspond to the academic course in which they were approved.

Once you give that certification of the Secretary of the Centre together with the rest of documents duly numbered, you must bind it all and deliver in the body that indicate the country in which you have to prove that homologacion-convalidacion of your studies to you.

These are the documents that depend on the University.

If request you other documents, such as the certification of the professional requesting countries, should make you obtain, well personal or through the competent administration (professional associations, etc.)

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