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Recognition of foreign studies


If you're a student with official university studies abroad you can apply for your admission to the degree that you want through the recognition of foreign studies; provided that you meet the following requirements:

  1. The study completed abroad make official and college level.
  2. That recognize you, at least 30 ECTS credits of your partial foreign university studies, or totals that have not obtained the homologation of his title in Spain.
  3. Not have requested the approval of the title, in the case of students with completed foreign university studies, except that such approval has been denied by the Ministry.
  4. To perform the procedure for recognition of credits you must pay administrative charges of €141,05.
- Application that does not reach the minimum of credits previously cited, will be rejected. In that case, the person concerned may opt for admission to University, upon validation of their pre-university studies and overcome selectivity.
-The subjects permanently recognized for admitted students will have a cost of 25% of the value of the credit.
  • Term:From March 15 to May 15, 2014

To apply for the recognition of studies you will have to present in the EPS Secretariat the following documentation:

  • Request for continuation of foreign studies
  • Proof of payment of fees (05, 141€) for study of requests for recognition of foreign studies. The receipt you will provide in the Secretariat.
  • Photocopy and original of the identification of foreigners (NIE) or passport number
  • Certificate of Academic record the studies issued by the University of origin, stating:
  • The name of studies, specifying whether they are official and university level.
  • Qualifications of the obsolete subjects.
  • Scale of university qualifications from their country of origin, indicating mandatory:
  • The minimal note to pass the course
  • Points on the scale. (highest and lowest note which can be obtained)
  • Number of total hours of each subject or, where appropriate, the information needed to proceed with its calculation (hours per week, number of weeks comprising each subject, equivalence in the number of credit hours...)

If the above information is not expressly stated in the certificate, the home University must fill out in that document the missing data.

  • Programs(content) of the subjects approved, sealed obligatorily by the University in which it is approved.
  • The Curriculum of origin or table of required materials to achieve the qualification.
  • Award criteria:

Seats: 5% of the general offer for each qualification

Order of adjudication(for those who meet the requirements of below):

1st. Greater number of credits recognized.

2nd.  Half of the academic record note


ALL the documents that are submitted for partial validation of foreign studies must be official, issued by the competent authorities, LEGALISED through diplomatic channels and, where appropriate, translated officially.

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