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Refund of fees

On the assumption that would unduly paid amounts corresponding to rates for academic services you can request the return of the same.

You will need to submit the Register General of the University of Alicante (located on the ground floor of the building of Rector and General Services), or in the registration Assistant located in the Secretariat of the EPS, the following documents:

  • Receipt/s original (s) corresponding to the amount that you request return
  • Your bank details (number of the bank account where you want that they transferred you the amounts subjected to refoulement).

To request it you have a term of 5 years since that occurs the situation that gives right to the return.

Two are the most common reasons why request the return of fees:

1) Have requested the cancellation of your registration. In this case you must take into account:

  • Shall be entitled to the total cancellation of registration with right to refund of rates students of prescription first before December 15 are admitted in this or another University to begin studies.
  • General cancellation submitted before the start of final examinations (the dates that annually sets the EPS) and, in any case, before April 30, will not entail return rates.
  • Situations of death, serious accident or illness that prevents the normal pursuit of course, entitled to refund of rates in proportion to the service which is not going to provide to the student.

      The Vice President of Student Affairs will be who will solve and authorize, where appropriate, the return.

      (2) By granting a scholarship (whether MoE or de la Generalitat Valenciana).

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