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Validation - adaptation

¿Which difference there is between validation and adaptation?

  • Validation:

Validation is the academic process-administrative that to application of the student incorporates to his file, one or more asignaturas that consider equivalents in content and load lectiva with asignaturas surpassed in other studies (officials), or in the same if it treats of foreign educations.

  • Adaptation:

Adaptation is the administrative process that to application of the student incorporates to his file the matters, asignaturas or credits already surpassed in studies conducentes to the same official degree.

They will adapt , with the character of free election

  • The credits surpassed in other studies, whenever they are not convalidables by troncales, compulsory or optativas (Form of Free Adaptation Configuration)
  • The recognition of credits cursados by the student in the University of origin, whenever it appear in the academic file of origin.

The asignatura validated or adapted will keep his qualification of origin.

¿How, when and where I have to request the validation/adaptation?

The applications of validation/adaptation will present in the Office of the EPS during the period of matrícula and until 30 September (Academic Course 2011/12)

You will have to present the following documentation:

  1. An application of validation by asignatura
  2. The program of the asignatura/s that have cursado and want to validate, sealed by the University of origin.
  3. Academic certification Official or copy compulsada of the qualifications of the centre of origin. If your studies of origin have them cursado in the University of Alicante will be sufficient the ficha informative of the student sealed by the corresponding Centre.
  4. Review of the date of publication in the BOE of the plan of studies followed previously or photocopy of the same.
  5. From 1 September has to credit some new taxes for the study of the applications of recognition/ convalidaciones of studies realised in Spanish centres - 60,00 %u20AC, in the case that the studies have realised in foreign centres 141%u20AC (DECREE 104/2011, of 26 August, of the Consell, by which fix the taxes to satisfy by the provision of university academic services for the course 2011-2012)

¿I have to enrol me of the asignaturas of which ask validation?

You do not have to enrol you of those asignaturas that request validation. Once that your applications are resolved will have a term to modify your matrícula and enrol you of those asignaturas whose validation/adaptation have you denegado, if like this you wish it.

The validation/adaptation of asignaturas surpassed in

  • Public universities is free
  • Private universities or in foreign centres supposes the credit of 25% of the value of the credits adapted.

¿How it goes to transact my application and what have to do when it resolve ?

Once presented in Office your application of validation/adaptation together with all the necessary documentation initiates the administrative formality of validation/adaptation.

These applications are;

  1. Informed by the Department commissioned of the teaching of the asignaturas of which request validation/adaptation,
  2. Resolved by the Commission of Convalidaciones corresponding of the EPS. This Commission has like competition the resolution of the applications of validation and adaptation presented by the/ace students/ace that cursan studies ascribed to the Centre.
  3. It notifies by writing to the student the resolution adopted by the Commission of Convalidaciones. The Commission will have to notify this resolution before 15 December.

You will have of a term of 10 days, explained from the following day to that in that you received the resolution of the Commission of Convalidaciones, to modify, in his case, your matrícula and adapt it to your new academic situation, presenting in the Office of the Faculty your application of modification.

¿What have to do if I am not satisfied with the resolution of the Commission of Convalidaciones?

In case of disconformidad with the resolution of the Commission of Convalidaciones will be able to demand in front of the same Commission in the term of 10 days explained from the following day of the reception of the notification.

Once resolved the claim, if you do not agree with the resolution, will be able to present resource in front of the Commission of District of the University of Alicante.

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