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V Days of Circus of Alicante: they Happen and See

In this fifth edition of the Days of Circus of Alicante want to surrender a special homage to the existent relation between the world of the Circus and the Cinema. We have prepared different activities with the end to approach us to these two artistic universes. Guided of the hand of professionals of the sector and flooded by the images that the big screen offers us, will enjoy of four pleasant sessions of Circus and Cinema during the Saturdays of November. Said this... Forward, enjoy, "Happen and See".



Saturday 6 November of 2010

Projection of short: The meu avi, Charlie Rivel (30 min. VOC), The butterfly circus (20 min. VOISE) and DONyYET (12 min. VOE). Back colloquium with José Abellán of And director of DONyYET.


Saturday 13 November of 2010

Projection of La parada de los monstruos, Freaks (60 min. VOISE). Back colloquium on the film.


Saturday 20 November of 2010

Projection of La Cabalgata del Circo, The Gap (80 min. VOE). Back colloquium on the film.


Saturday 27 November of 2010

Projection of The pallasso i the Führer (90 min. VOC). Back colloquium with the director Eduard Cortés or with the leading actor Ferrán Rañé.


VOC: Original version in Catalan.

VOISE: English Original version Subheads in Spanish.

VOE: Original version in Spanish.


The sessions will begin to the 19:00 h.


It collaborates

Alicante Town University Venue and Consell of the Joventut d´Alicante.


It organises

Association of Circus of Alicante Donyet Ardit.


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