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In the first cycle on the Cultural Creation in Alicante analysed the state of the literature in Spanish and in Catalan, of the theatre, of the music for the cinema, of the architecture, of the science and of the new creative forms juvenile. In this occasion, reflexionaremos about how finds the gastronomía, the fashion, the advertising design, the comic and the illustration, forms of creation that reflect and inciden of an evident way in the economic situation and partner-cultural of our earth. In effect, the open cities to the future require the knowledge and the creativity for impulsar projects of development that compete in a world so globalizado and ours.

This cycle pretends to analyse the situation of the cultural creation in the city of Alicante from a double perspective: from the diagnostic and from the prognosis, that is to say, that treats to know which is the situation by which happens at present the cultural creation in Alicante, as well as offer alternative or solutions to the problems desvelados in the cycle. Besides, the cultural creation will be addressed from his distinct creative dimensions and will treat to approach to the creators that live in Alicante -have or no be# born here- or to which, having been born here, have left to other cities.


1. THE FASHION ALICANTINA. Hanníbal Laguna, fashionable Designer.

2. THE ADVERTISING DESIGN IN ALICANTE. José Luis Navarro, Height Zero.

3. THE COMIC IN ALICANTE. Paco Camarasa, Edicions of the Ponent.

4. THE ILLUSTRATION IN ALICANTE. Javier Sáez Castán, Ilustrador and Professor of UA.

5. THE GASTRONOMÍA ALICANTINA. María José Saint Román, Restaurant The Monastrell.


Thursday 28 October, 4, 11, 18 and 25 November of 2010.


The sessions will take place to the 20:15 h.


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