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Open forum for the debate and public participation on thematic of equality of women and men.

To do front to the economic crisis that are crossing to local level, national and international need to take into account the proposals of the feminism. Although, they exist important feminist approaches to face the grave consequences desigualitarias of the capitalist system, these do not have the diffusion in all the society remaining only in the academic fields and in the skilled world. The aim of the present Course is to take out to the light the critical vision of the feminism front to the hegemonic economy and his crisis.

In this Course has programado the visit of three invited external, that do not integrate the Classroom. Besides, as always, the components of the Classroom imparten talks/debate in relation to our thematic axis.

The assistance the sessions is free.



Year 2010

September, Tuesday 14: Introduction to the subject (I). Debate of the materials of Amaia Pérez Orozco. INSTRAW-UN

October, Monday 4: Introduction to the subject (II). Debate of the materials of Cristina Carrasco. Professor of Economy. University of Barcelona and of María Pazos. Researcher of the Institute of Fiscal Studies

November, Monday 8: Impact of the economic crisis in the feminine immigration. It chats debate to charge of Nilda Garay. University of Alicante

December, Monday 13: Crisis and precariedad labour of the women in Alicante. To charge of Consuelo Navarro General Secretary of Working Commissions –Alacantí Them Marines


Year 2011

January, Monday 10: The crisis with look of woman. It chats debate to charge of Cristina Carrasco. Economist. Professor of the University of Barcelona

February, Saturday 5: Feminism in front of the crisis. It chats debate to charge of María Pazos Morán. Boss of Studies of Investigation. Institute of Fiscal Studies. To the 10:30hrs.

February, Monday 7: Debate for the proposals of the Classroom of Training and Feminist Debate in front of the economic crisis

March, Tuesday 1: economic Budget in time of crisis and public investment in the local and autonomic Government in front of the violence of gender and Dependency. Round table. They take part: Antonia Graells. Coordinator on Violence of Gender. Subdelegación Of the Government of Alicante and integral of the Grouping of Women Lawyers of the School of Lawyers of Alicante

April, Monday 11: Panel discussion Municipal elections: Government Programs to the economic crisis and local budgets for the equality of women and men. Speakers: Candidates in local elections in Alicante.

May, Tuesday 10: Feminist Proposals on economic matter of the Classroom of Feminist Debate: Conclusions and Self-evident

June, Monday 6: Closure: it Chats Debate to charge of Amaia Pérez Orozco. Economist and feminist.


Place and hour of the sessions:

All the sessions carry out in the Alicante Town University Venue (Ramón y Cajal,4, Alicante) to the 20:15hrs. Except the one of the day Saturday 5 of February: to the 10:30hrs.

They coordinate: Alejandra Ferradas and Nilda Garay

It organises:

Classroom of Training and Feminist Debate

Alicante Town University Venue. University of Alicante

Ramón y Cajal, 4 - 03001 Alicante

They collaborate:

Centre of Studies on the Woman and Alicante Town University Venue.

Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante

Universidad de Alicante
Av. Ramón y Cajal, 4
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03001 Alicante (Spain)

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