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The city constitute like a technical space that modela the bodies of the people, his ways to inhabit and to be subject of experience from the starts of the modernity. We are born in her and thought us in her. In this cycle of conferences pretends reflexionar about these new emergencies of the thought and the practices that are born from the margins of the urban. The city and his logics of life and relation us abocan to think the urban like a space of porous and multiple borders, of games of power. And finally as a space of emancipation and fight.



Monday May 9, 2011

18:00 pm Watching Movie FREAKS. LA PARADA DE LOS MONSTRUOS. Tom Browning (1932), and subsequent discussion led by David Berná, Anthropologist and Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

20:00 pm POLICIES OF THE RARE. THINKING ABOUT URBAN IDENTITIES AND PRACTICES FROM THE QUEER THEORY. Carmen Romero Bachiller, Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, and Lucas Platero, Researcher and Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Tuesday May 10, 2011

19:00 pm QUESTIONING IDENTITY. DANDYSM AND CONTRAGENERO. Gloria G. Duran, postdoctoral researcher and member of the Urban Culture Research Group, draft cultural practices emerging in the New Madrid (CSO2009-10780, Ministry of Science and Innovation).


Wednesday May 11, 2011

19:00 pm DESCOLONIZATION BODIES FROM BUILDING IDENTITIES ROMA DIVERSITY. David Berná Serna, Anthropologist and Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. SOCIAL PRESENTATION OF THE BODY IN THE CASE OF ROMANIAN WOMEN IN DIASPORA. Catalina Iliescu, University of Alicante.


Thursday May 12, 2011

19:00 pm Film viewing: Paris is Burning. La ciudad contingente.

20:00 pm Conference URBAN DYSTOPIA: CONTROL DEVICES AND PUBLIC SPACE. Juan Carlos Castro, Associate Professor  of Polytechnic School of Architecture, University of Alicante.


Friday May 13, 2011

19:00 pm Low Vision on Immigration and Aliens. BUILDING LAWS, LAWS THAT DESTROY. IMMIGRATION, RAIDS AND DETENTION CENTRES FOR FOREIGNERS. Eva Herrero Galiano, social anthropologist and researcher, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.



David Berná and Catalina Iliescu



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