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Henry James

Series of four lectures in which undertakes the analysis of five Jamesian narratives in relation to film versions that have resulted over the twentieth century. These stories are four novels (The Europeans [1878] Washington Square [1880], A Portrait of a Lady [1881] and The Bostonians [1884]) and a novella (The Turn of the Screw [1898]). In addition to deepening the understanding of the narrative of Henry James, this examination is aimed to highlight the vitality of his work against some voices that have come to announce the end of its presence in the canon of the novel in English.



Tuesday March 1, 2011

JAMESIAN ADAPTATIONS OF JAMES IVORY: THE EUROPEAN And THE BOSTONIANS. Imanol Zumalde, Doctor in Audiovisual Communication and Professor Title of the País Vasco University.


Tuesday March 8, 2011

THE DISTORTIONS OF THE CLASSICISM: WASHINGTON SQUARE And THE HEIRESS OF WILLIAM WYLER. Julio Pérez Perucha, President of the Spanish Association of Historians of the Cinema.


Tuesday  March 15, 2011

THE FILM VERSION  OF PORTRAIT OF A LADY OF JANE CAMPION. José Antonio Álvarez Amorós, Chair of English Literature of the UA.


Tuesday March 22, 2011

UNRELIABLE NARRATION: ANOTHER TURN OF NUT And SUSPENSE OF JACK CLAYTON. John Sanderson, Professor Title Department of English Philology of the UA.



The sessions will take place to the 20:15 h.



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