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Pelandruska (peladilla In Russian) are a group of Alcoi, Crevillent, Wall and Quatretondeta created in the 2008. They touch klezmer, Valencian traditional music and of the Balkans (or are of the Valencian Balkans).


Members of the group:

Cato: Clarinet and flute of beak soprano
David: acordeón diatonic and Spanish guitar
Ivan: Spanish guitar, timple Canarian and acordeón chromatic
Llúcia: acordeón chromatic and castañuelas
Pau: violin and percussion (hand-drumming)
Raül: Flute of beak: sopranino and soprano, timple and Spanish guitar
Ximo: buzuki Greek, buzuki Irish, Spanish guitar, timple Canarian i banjo

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(Monologues to share smiles)

University theatre of the


It presents


(Monologues to share smiles)


This show is, neither more neither less, that a clear exponent of what is being, until today, this experience titled SUN@ IN FRONT OF THE DANGER and that, in collaboration with Clan Nightclub, fill of monologues the night alicantina from does more than a decade.

Monologues like answers that an actor or an actress has to interpret in less than eight minutes for plasmar from the illogical theatrical these small anecdotes that convert our life in near smiles, smiles of meat and bone. Because the humour begins always by one same and, if besides, share it with the other, then you understand that until results amused to feel SUN@ IN FRONT OF THE DANGER…


Direction: Juan Luis Looks







Dia International of the human rights.


"Històries Of the dret i of the reverse".

Mir And Mor are two searchers of histories that a day went up to a stage to explain them and since, go of a side to the another exchanging them by smiles, surprises, expensive of fear, more histories and, from time to time, some applause. Mir And Mor are Óscar Muslim and Josep Vicent, a couple of guionistas Valencian that when they are not in the television or in the radio squeeze the tales of Borges, Benedetti, Fontanarrosa, Cortázar... You can see them in



Acoustic concert guitar

Santiago J. Churches



With regard to the repertoire Introspection wants to reserve to the phenomenon surprise the “Set List” of songs, where more than one will surprise us, us embaucará and will do us remember, are elegant subjects especially selected for saborear distinct musical styles understanding like this the main universal language, the music. The varied selection of the repertoire is balanced and apt for all the publics, trying do happen a while pleasant to the listeners. The compound training by musicians of first category of the national panorama will be under the direction of Santiago J. Churches, professor of Contemporary Guitar in the University of Alicante.



FeminiSAX Promote the music for saxofón interpreted and compound by women, that is to say, the women like interpreters and like composers. By the moment has constituted two groupings:

-Quartet of Saxfones FeminiSAX: EncarnI Oliver Cazorla (Saxofón Soprano and High), Rosabel Torregrosa and Lillo (Saxofón High), Bárbara Fernández Gómiz (Saxofón Tenor) and Aida Orts Pomares (Saxofón baritone).

- Duet Falafet: Vicent Benavent Gandía (Clarinet) and Rosabel Torregrosa and Lillo (Saxofón Soprano). The grouping formed at the beginning of the year 2007 and between his aims is to promote and give to know the family of the saxofónes, instrument invented by the Belgian Adolphe Sax to 1845, the compound original music for this instrument, his possibilities tímbricas and expressive, and show to the public that the women can interpret music with any type of instrument, in this case, the saxofón. Also the one to purchase a repertoire of compound works by women composers and by men little known by not proceeding of countries "traditionally important" in music

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Aduosadas, a smile to duet


With Josi Alvarado and Noemí Peidro


Direction Juan Luis Looks



University theatre of the


It presents


Neil Simon, the author of THE ODD COUPLE, the text –and the film- that have served of base for this work, said that the truths explain always better with a smile. ADUOSADAS Speak of two of these big truths that fill the nearest world as if they were part of the skin our of each day; the friendship, above all else, and the sweet war of the sexes.

The life like a game, more or less competitive – it depends of each-, sometimes hard , others jokingly; the life like a game of trivial that some friends play once by week. The life like a comedy of today in which all litigate and laughed us for being what are and no only what aparentamos.

A comedy, neither more neither less. A smile and the life, to duet.



An instant abans to die


University theatre

Universitat Of Alicante



Sergi Belbel



Tomàs Mestre


In this society, the death so only invites us to the reflection when somebody next disappears, if no, there is not time. But when the death is of somebody very next then if, then they surprise , is a terrible surprise. We lived in a culture in the what the death is the big absent. In this culture has produced the silence on the essential. And this is not good.

A wild and ambitious work that treats of the life and of the death, but no of the unavoidable death by illness or catastrophe, but of the accidental death that could avoid and that it is the one who causes us anger.

Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante

Universidad de Alicante
Av. Ramón y Cajal, 4
C/ San Fernando, 40
03001 Alicante (Spain)

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Fax: (+34) 965 14 59 58



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