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2011-2012 Presentation




Foto Catalina Iliescu en la presentación

Rosa (26/07/2011)

Every elapsed year in its upward trajectory, having the aim of offering to the city inhabitants and visitors a critical perspective, a civic-minded participation, and a supportive labor, which is its leitmotif, the University Venue in Alicante reinvents itself with the constant desire of answering to the greatest number of Alicante’s audience needs and expectations.

As its followers would state, they are minority those disciplines which the Alicante Town University Venue has not explored in its ten years of existence, and its perseverance is not an obstacle for constructive critics or suggestions in order to improve its labor. The Alicante Town University Venue grounds itself in its friends and collaborators experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, no matter whether they are individuals, public institutions, private enterprises, socio-cultural associations, civic collectives, etc. being all of them recidivists in the Alicante Town University Venue.

Nonetheless, the Alicante Town University Venue reinvents itself in each new program, as this is its intrinsic vocation, the one with which it was born: being update, marking the current events, and living the future in every one of its exes: education (integral education, which its related to our university students, as well as continuous education, the one offered by UPUA to older population, basically in the facilities of the Alicante Town University Venue); the cultural enrichment through a great amount of diverse proposals addressed to an open audience with a variety of artistic preferences; its recognition as a discussion and meeting point for those who share a compromise with culture, social dimension and citizen condition.

There are already about ten Observatories and forums for further thought which work in the Alicante Town University Venue; the activities of both of them melt with either an interesting selection of courses, seminars, and workshops about specified themes, or monographic courses registered in areas such as Literature, History, Law, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Astronomy, and so on. They are established in interdisciplinary fields, as those of culture, gender or migrations.

Films, music, visual arts, plays, poetry readings, traditions in Alicante as the Constitution day, Maisonnave Award, or the homage to Miguel Hernández, Young Venue (Seu Jove) and Infanseu; these are some of the branches of the same project which the Vicerectorate for extracurricular activities of the University of Alicante has converted in a passionate, solid and gratified reality the secret ingredients of which are both its human staff and its location in Alicante downtown.


Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu

Alicante Town University Venue Director


Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante

Universidad de Alicante
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C/ San Fernando, 40
03001 Alicante (Spain)

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